Consumer Behaviour Course Syllabus

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March 30-April 8, 2012

Dr. Sankar Sen


Marketing begins and ends with the consumer. The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the study of consumer behavior. We will take the perspective of a marketing manager who needs knowledge of consumer behavior in order to develop, implement and evaluate effective marketing strategies. We will examine many concepts and theories from the behavioral sciences and analyze their usefulness for marketing strategies. The goals of this course are for you to:

0 Learn the key concepts and theories of consumer behavior. *
1 Develop your intellectual ability to identify applications of these concepts and theories and to apply them in formulating viable marketing strategies. This includes gaining familiarity with specific research tools used to generate knowledge about consumers. *

2 Develop a set of skills important to successful performance in managerial positions. These include managing a reasonably complicated and ill-defined project, working successfully in a group, and honing your oral and written communication skills.


The course combines lectures with class discussions and case analyses. The lectures are designed to reinforce and expand upon the material in the text. Discussions are aimed at bringing new perspectives to the material in the text and fostering the application of text and lecture content to consumption and marketing management situations.

Your presence in class is essential to your ability to understand and apply the material covered in this course. Therefore, attendance is mandatory. However, it is understandable that, at times, other commitments (or illness) may prevent you from attending class. If for some reason you cannot attend a class, please inform me prior to the missed session. Of course, absence from class (informed or uninformed) does not exempt you from being responsible for all the material covered in class and being aware of any announcements made in class. Finally, please note that excessive absences reflect a lack of commitment and will lead to a lowering of the final grade.


Peter and Olson. Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy, Irwin/McGraw-Hill




The course will be graded as follows:
Case Write-ups35% (lower score = 15%; higher score = 20%) Class Participation20%
Group Project 30%
Group Presentations15%

Please note that no late assignments will be accepted. The due dates for the assignments, details of evaluation criteria and grade requirements are included in later sections of the syllabus. Please refer to these as you prepare for class and work on your assignments.

Please ensure that all assignments meet a minimum level of professionalism, regardless of content. Handwritten assignments will not be accepted. Also, please check all assignments for grammar and spelling.

Final grades will be based on the total points (out of 100) earned by each student and will follow the standard grade distribution guidelines for graduate courses.


Learning in this class is related to your willingness to expose your insights and viewpoints to the judgment of your classmates. Thus, each one of you is expected to contribute to class discussions. This includes preparing for class by reading the text and relevant articles or cases (see Guidelines for Case Analyses on page 9), as well as presenting your analyses, opinions, or summaries of material covered in class. Students may be called upon at random to summarize the previous day's material, comment upon the material being covered in class, or open a case discussion. If you do not want me to call...
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