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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Key Ideas
1. Computing and science are connected:
a. Scientists utilize computers as tools for conducting research i. Computer-based models and a computational approach are increasingly used b. Computer science is a rigorous field of study regarding “artificial” systems ii. Utilizes the scientific method and experimentation c. New scientific fields such as bioinformatics and neuroscience blur the lines 2. Programming is a tool for:

d. Solving problems
e. Experimentation
f. Analysis
3. Computer science is more than just programming:
g. Problem solving
h. Design & analysis of algorithms
i. Hardware design and manufacturing
j. Interface design and implementation
k. Theoretical understanding of computation

Skills Developed
1. Problem solving skills
2. Analytical/Empirical reasoning skills
3. Communication skills
4. Web page development

Programming Concepts
1. Static (HTML) vs. dynamic (JavaScript) pages
2. Dynamic elements (images, buttons, boxes, divs, spans) 3. Event handling (onclick, onmouseover, onmouseout, onload, setInterval) 4. Variables & assignments
5. Data types & expressions
6. Functions & libraries
7. Conditional execution (if statements)
8. Counters & sums

General Concepts
1. Computer basics
a. von Neumann architecture, hardware vs. software
b. History of science & computers
i. Scientific method, generations (relays, vacuum tubes, transistors, IC, VLSI) c. Internet & the Web
ii. Internet & Web histories, TCP/IP, HTTP
d. Algorithms & programming
iii. Algorithms, efficiency, high-level languages, compliers & interpreters e. Computer Science as a Discipline
iv. CS as science?, central themes (software, hardware, theory), subfields of CS f. Data Representation
v. Analog vs....
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