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Course Syllabus 2 - 4

Topics (Topic 1 - 15)5 - 17

Tutorial Questions (Questions 1 - 46)18 - 34

Past Exam Examples 35 - 66

A Guide to Preparation for Law Subjects 67 - 74




You are requested to ensure you are correctly enrolled in this subject by checking that it appears on your enrolment confirmation. If the subject code does not appear, you will not have a result recorded for this subject. Please see the Department’s Student Administration Officer at once if you are not correctly enrolled for this subject.

3)DURATION:One Semester

4)PREREQUISITE:LAW447Commercial Law or equivalent

5)HOURS PER WEEK:4 hours of lecture, tutorial or class contact.

6)GENERAL OBJECTIVES:The course aims:

1)To enable students to understand the underlying principles of company law and to apply these in various situations. 2)To enable student to identify and apply relevant sections of the Legislation and principles of case law. 3)To enable students to understand and apply relevant sections of the Legislation and principles of case law. 4)To enable students to understand and apply journal articles dealing with current company law issues. 5)To enable students to be aware of company law issues of interest to the commercial community.

7)SKILLS:It is expected that a study of this subject will enable a student to acquire an understanding of company law appropriate to accountants and other business professionals. In this light students will develop skills of reading, understanding and applying statute, case materials and journal articles. This involves development of the students’ ability to analyse legal problems and to express ideas in a precise manner.

8)ASSESSEMENT:Assessment shall be by means of:
• Mid-semester Test 20 marks • Quizzes 10 marks 1. Exam 70 marks
100 marks

A pass in the subject requires satisfactory performance in all aspects of the assessment.

9)EXAMINATION:The examination at the end of the semester will be of 3 hours duration. Students may take any notes and materials into the exam.

10REFERENCES:The following prescribed references are required to be obtained by all students:

Lipton P. & Herzberg A. Understanding Company Law, 14th edition, Law Book Co., Sydney.

The Corporations Act 2001 together with the ASIC
Act 2001(CCH or Butterworths)

11. OTHER REFERENCES: McLaren J & Simpson M, Taxation and Company Law Casebook, Pearson Education Australia, 2006

Cassidy J, Corporations Law Text and Essential Cases
2nd edition , Federation Press 2008

• CCH Guidebook to Australian Company Law, latest edition.

• Woodward S. Bird H.& SieversS Corporations Law Workbook, 7th edition, Law Book Co, 2005.

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