Com156 - Week 2 Discussion Questions

Topics: Critical thinking, Bias, Question Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Week 2 Discussion Questions

Discussion Question 2
Does the opinion of an expert in the field carry more weight than the opinion of someone that is not? Why or why not?

I think it is easy for me to detect if someone has a bias opinion, especially when I know their bread and butter depends on sales. I work as an equipment reliability supervisor (maintenance). Early in my career, I noticed we developed a technical staff that was one of the best! As time went on the technology began to change. Although we tried to hold on to the old technology as long as possible, it was obvious the new technology was more productive. I was faced with having to count on the bias opinions of sales reps that were trying to earn a living and make decisions that were best for them. We ended up purchasing some CNC machines with PLC controls rather than the old relay logic. Every time we trained a tech on PLC’s we forgot all the hands on training. There was too much time in between failures to keep the skills fresh. I ended up seeking out experts in this field. Just like our text mentions, I have to interview folks in this field that I was not that familiar with at the time. I had to ask the open ended, yes or no questions. We currently have closed this skill gap by acquiring this expertise. I used to be at the mercy of our vendors when it came to what was needed. Now I feel we have experts that can help make non-bias decisions on behalf of the company and myself. This has saved time and money.

Discussion Question 4
What should you consider when searching for useful sources? How do you know when sources are reliable? What are some red flags that indicate you should avoid a particular source?

Best practice is to prepare for gathering information by writing down exactly what you are looking for. You may be looking for facts only and wanting to determine your opinion based on the information. If looking...
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