Cola War Case

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in 2010

Pepsi and Coke fought over the 74 billion CSD (carbonated soft drinks) industry. --> Nothing contribute as much to the success of Pepsi than Coke and vice-versa What had to be done to ensure sustainable growth and profitability?

Economics of the U.S CSD Industry
1970 - consumption grew by an average of 3% per year
--> increasing availability of CSD + intro of new diet and flavoured variety + Declining real prices --> CSD more affordable
--> Americans drink more soda than any other beverage

The Production and Distribution of CSD involved 4 major players: Concentrate producers, bottlers, retail channels and suppliers

Concentrate Producers
They blended raw material ingredients, packaged the mixture in plastic canisters, and shipped those containers to bottler --> Required little capital - cost for advertising, promotion, market research and bottler support ==> Once fragmented --> Consolidated with Coke and Pepsi (72% of market sales)

They purchased concentrate, added carbonated water and high fructose corn syrup, bottled or canned the resulting CSD product, and delivered it to customer account --> Capital Intensive + Involved high speed production lines

Coke built a nationwide franchised bottling network --> Pepsi and Doctor Pepper followed

Master Bottle Contract (Coke): Coke had the right to determine concentrate price and other terms of sale - no legal obligation to assist bottlers in ad but made huge investment to support them anyways

Pepsi's Master Bottling Agreement: bottler perpetual right to distribute Pepsi's CSD products but required it to purchase raw materials from Pepsi at prices, and on terms and conditions, determined by Pepsi.

==> Bottlers could carry non-competing brands + final say in retail pricing

Retail Channel
- Supermarkets
- Fountain outlets ( war Pepsi acquired Pizza Hut taco bell etc. Coca Cola persuade Wendy’s and Burger King to switch to Coke...
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