Closing Case 7.2

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Closing case 7.2

1. Discuss McAfee’s handling of the update disaster. Should McAfee have done anything differently? If so, what? Support you answer. a. I think McAfee handled the situation very well but more could have been done to resolve the problem. It was a smart move for her to add postings about the updated disaster on the web and under the frequently asked questions section. Two days is a quick recovery time and big businesses were able to get back on track quickly. As for the smaller businesses, it took several days it was still not too bad, but we as group think that McAfee could have made a formal announcement, which could have reached smaller businesses a lot quicker. Rather than just uploading the solution notifications should have been made. Another solution we think could have been done is rather than just writing the solution a file could have been uploaded on their website that would make it easier to fix the problem. 2. What should organizations do to prevent such problems in the future? a. In order to prevent such problems in the future, I think organizations should run new updates on one less important computer first before running it on their important computers, with vital files. If they do this and their happens to a problem such as this one then they can see the problem without it effecting their companies business. They should have a good quality control before they launch a new or updated product. We understand that frequent updates a needed but we believe that there should be tests that are run before products are launched.
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