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Topics: Privacy, Identity theft, Surveillance Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Brian Lam
Human Behavior and Organizations

I. Statement of the Problem
Both women had been instructed by the owner that they would be handling money and that strict honesty would be required of them. Mary has already known of Rosemary’s crime but did not do anything to tell anyone or the boss. II. Statement Relevant Facts

* Janis was stealing from account payments as they were received. * Lopez learned of Janis’s thefts, but she decided not to tell management rationalizing that Janis personal conduct was none of her business. * Their duties allowed them to work rather independently of each other III. Criteria:

The solutions should be first and foremost, fair. The solutions should be able to teach both accounting clerks lessons that will further help their characters. Their rights of privacy should not be violated. There should be no discrimination. Give them the right kind of discipline measures to ensure better quality of work. IV. Alternative Solutions:

A.) Solutions given in the case:
1. Installation of surveillance cameras.
2. Investigations.
B.) Your Alternative Solutions:
1. Discipline both parties.
2. Check each other’s work.
V. Consequence of Alternative:
1.) Solution: Discipline both parties.
Positive Consequences: Both will become better persons and change for the greater good
Negative Consequences: Both might take punishment as an embarrassing situation and quit.
2.) Solution: Check each other’s work
Positive Consequences: There would be no future manipulation of the accounts
Negative Consequences: They might not have a healthy working relationship

VII. Recommendations
Having them check each other’s work or hire another clerk to double check might be better than installing cameras because it could be an invasion of privacy for some people. Proper corrective and preventive discipline actions could be taken so that these thefts would not happen again. Job rotation could also be taken since...
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