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Topics: Crime, Criminology, Sociology Pages: 9 (2970 words) Published: April 6, 2013
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1.| A ballistic expert or crime scene photographer is best described as. A specialist in the collection and examination of the physical evidence of a crime| | Criminalist| 2.| A codified law is known as a.| | Statute|

3.| A controlled experiment provides some control over factors that threaten external validity.| | False| 4.| A correlation exists between sample size and the degree of confidence we can have in our results.| | Positive| 5.| A criminalist is a specialist in the collection and examination of the physical evidence of a crime| | True| 6.| A general theory of crime is one that attempts to explain all or at least most ) forms of criminal conduct through a single, overarching approach.| | True| 7.| A hypothesis cannot be tested until the concepts are operationalized.| | True| 8.| A recent study of rape found that rape of young girls is rare.| | False| 9.| A researcher may submit an article to several journals at the same time.| | False| 10.| A researcher using the participant as observer strategy does not have to be concerned about influencing the behavior of the group being observed.| | False| 11.| A theory is made up of clearly stated propositions that posit relationships, often of a causal sort, between events and things under study.| | True| 12.| Accordinding to Gall, the shape of the_______ is indicative of the personality.| | Skull| 13.| According to Adolphe Qu'etelet, property crime rates_____ during the colder months of the year.| | Increasing in frequency| 14.| According to Beccaria, oaths were______ in a court of law.| | Useless| 15.| According to Cesare Lombroso's categorization of offenders, occasonal criminals were known as.| | Criminaloids| 16.| According to Jack Katz, crime may be sensually compelling to the offender.| | True| 17.| According to modern neoclassical thinkers, if a person chooses to commit a crime, he or she deserve to be punished.| | True| 18.| According to research, specific shades of the color____ could have a calming affect on people experiencing feelings of anger and agitation. Pink.| | Enhancing| 19.| According to the Death Penalty Information Center, minorities are disproportionately represented on death row in the U. S.| | True| 20.| According to the NCVS, appoximately____ of all violent crimes are reported to the police.| | 1/2| 21.| According to the NCVS, black women aged 65 or older have the lowest violent crime victimization rates.| | False| 22.| According to the NCVS, members of which racial group experience the highest rates of violent victimization.| | African Americans| 23.| According to the NCVS,as the value of property loss increases, the likelihood that a household crime will be reported.| | Increases| 24.| According to the UCR definition, the use of force to gain entry is essential to classify an offense as burglary.| | False| 25.| According to the UCR, aggravated assaults are more common in the summer months.| | True| 26.| According to the UCR, the rate of burglary has been______ during the 1990s.| | Unactive| 27.| According to the UCR, the rate of reported forcible rape is highest in the_____ months| | Summer| 28.| According to Wilson and Herrnstein, criminality is consistently associated with________ intelligence.| | Low| 29.| According to______a comprehensive biologically based crime prevention program would include prenatal and postnatal care for pregnant women and their infants.| | C. Ray Jeffery| 30.| Adding together all scores and dividing by the total number of observations yields the.| | Mean| 31.| Affects crime causation by providing the interpretive foundation used to define and understand the significance of particular situations in which we find ourselves.| | Socialization| 32.| All wrongdoing is a crime.| | False|...
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