Childhood Disorders

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  • Topic: Childhood psychiatric disorders, Autism, Tourette syndrome
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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Childhood Disorders

Behavior disorders
oAttention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
oConduct Disorder
oOppositional Defiant Disorder
Separation/anxiety disorder
Elimination disorders
Disorders in cognitive, motor, and communication skills
oLearning disorders
Reading disorder (dyslexia)
Deficits in ability to read
Mathematics disorder
Deficits in mathematics skills
Disorder of written expression
Deficits in the ability to write
oMotor skills disorders
Developmental coordination disorder
Deficits in the ability to walk, run, hold on to objects oCommunication disorders
Expressive language disorder
Deficits in the ability to express oneself through language Mixed receptive-expressive language disorder
Deficits in the ability both to express oneself through language and to understand the language of others Phonological disorder
Use of speech sounds in appropriate for age or dialect
Sever problems in word fluency
Mental retardation
oMild, moderate, severe, and profound mental retardation
Pervasive developmental disorders
oRett’s disorder
oChildhood disintegrative disorder
oAsperger’s disorder
Tic disorders
oTourette’s disorder
oChronic motor or focal tic disorder
oTransient tic disorder
Feeding and eating disorders
oRumination disorder
oFeeding disorder of infancy in early childhood
Other disorders
oSelective mutism
oReactive attachment disorder
oStereotypic movement disorder

Treatments for ADHD
Most children with ADHD are treated with stimulant drugs, such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Adderall May work by increasing levels of dopamine
oOther drugs (e.g. atomoxetine, clonidine, and guanfacine)
Not stimulants but affect levels of norepinephrine
oBehavioral therapies
Focus on reinforcing attentive, goal-directed, and prosocial behaviors and extinguishing impulsive and...