Cheap Air Travel

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Cheap air travel is increasingly popular around the world. To what extent do you think the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantage?

In contemporary society, it is an interesting phenomenon that cheap air travel is becoming increasingly popular. Yet at the same time, people have different opinions over whether it is advantageous for our life. Some people asserts that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages while others argue the reverse. Personally, I’m in favor of the former view.

For many countries, tourism accounts for is large part of a nation’s GDP and without it the economy would suffer; to put it another way, foreign tourists usually spend a lot of money on the services that the host country provides, among others, boosting the souvenir sales in the scenery spots and as a result the local business thrive. Moreover, through encouraging tourism, governments are promoting the image of their cities and countries. . For example,in my country, China, where 2008 Olympics was hosted, cheap air travel made long-distance travelling more affordable to common people ,people have a refreshing’s perception of our country. From the opposite standpoint, tourism also allows local people to gain exposures from to people abroad, not only broadening their horizon but also stimulating idea exchange. This win-win situation is not easy to form unless the travelling cost is affordable.

I would agree that every coin has two sides. One possible reason for this is that not all tourists have good manners. In some cases their inappropriate behaviors y may even have a negative influence on the local population and even threaten local people’s safety and health, such as the infamous September-11 attacks happened in New York. But these bad situations occurrences are rare and some risk-averse countries therefore establish strict visa policies to particular population which they identify as high risk.

From above, I would admit that the trend of cheap air...
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