Chapter Review: 17, 18, 19 the American Pageant

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Compromise of 1850, American Civil War Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: December 6, 2012
17, 18, and 19 Study Guide
1.The presidents from these chapters (list on the back of your Chapter 19 outline) a.Harrison (1841) – died after 4 weeks in office; elected from the Whig party because leader Henry Clay and Daniel Webster planned on controlling his presidential power. b.Tyler- not a Whig more of a democrat; passed a law ending the independent treasury system, c.Polk- four point mission: lower the tariff, restore the independent treasury, clear up Oregon border issue, and get California d.Taylor- (1848)

e.Pierce- followed in the foot steps of Polk, threw fire on the slavocracy theory, Ostend manifesto, Gadsden purchase f.Buchanan- Lecompton Constitution
2.Aroostook War
a.Small-scale lumber jack clash between Maine and Canada over the disputed territory for a road from Halifax to Quebec. 3.Texas- annexation. Arguments for and against. When was it annexed? Which president helped it to become annexed. a.Britain believed in an independent Texas for trade and to weaken America. Arguments occurred because of Britain’s possessiveness and the Whigs, who feared Texas would nourish the “slave power.” After the pro-expansion democrats under James K. Polk triumphed over the Whigs and Henry Clay, Tyler arranged for annexation in 1845 by a simple majority in both houses of Congress. 4.Manifest Destiny

a.Believers, especially expansionist democrats and Polk, claimed that God had destined the American people to acquire as much land as possible over the continent. 5.Polk and California
a.Polk sent John Slidell to Mexico City for $25 mil to buy California but they were insulted by his arrival. 6.Polk and war with Mexico
a.Polk sent men under Zachary Taylor from the Nueces River to the Rio Grande provoking Mexican troops. War broke out because Mexican troops crossed the Rio Grande and killed/wounded 16 Americans. 7.Treaty of G-H-- what were the terms of the treaty?

a.Nicholas Trist- Gave America all Mexican territory from Texas to...
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