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Chapter 9 Quize

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In the following multiple choice questions, circle the correct answer.

1.When s is used to estimate (, the margin of error is computed by using a.normal distribution
b.t distribution
c.the mean of the sample
d.the mean of the population
Answer: b

2.As the number of degrees of freedom for a t distribution increases, the difference between the t distribution and the standard normal distribution
a.becomes larger
b.becomes smaller
c.stays the same
d.None of these alternatives is correct.
Answer: b

3.For the interval estimation of ( when ( is known and the sample is large, the proper distribution to use is
a.the normal distribution
b.the t distribution with n degrees of freedom
c.the t distribution with n + 1 degrees of freedom
d.the t distribution with n + 2 degrees of freedom
Answer: a

4.An estimate of a population parameter that provides an interval of values believed to contain the value of the parameter is known as the
a.confidence level
b.interval estimate
c.parameter value
d.population estimate
Answer: b

5.The value added and subtracted from a point estimate in order to develop an interval estimate of the population parameter is known as the
a.confidence level
b.margin of error
c.parameter estimate
d.interval estimate
Answer: b

6.If an interval estimate is said to be constructed at the 90% confidence level, the confidence coefficient would be
Answer: c

7.Whenever the population standard deviation is unknown and the population has a normal or near-normal distribution, which distribution is used in developing an interval estimation?
a.standard distribution
b.z distribution
c.alpha distribution
d.t distribution
Answer: d

8.In interval estimation, the t distribution is applicable only when

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