Chapter 10

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Stress Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: April 25, 2013
1. How do your nervous and endocrine systems work together as a physical response to stress?
The two systems prepare your body by sending chemical messages and actions of sympathetic nerves that cause the release of key hormones. What is the difference between stress and a stressor?
A stressor is the situation that triggers physical and emotional reactions. Stress is the general physical and emotional state that accompanies the stress response. How does the fight or flight reaction (in today's terms) differ from how our bodies were designed to handle stress?

The fight or flight reaction in modern terms seems “obsurdly appropriate” because many stressors we face in everyday life do not require a physical response. How does personality affect stress levles?

Type of personality you have determines how how much stress affects you and how you deal with it. What is the difference in eustress and distress?  In which part of the GAS might a person have heightened awareness and an increased ability to handle stressors?

Eustress is a pleasant form of stress where distress is unpleasant. The “Resistance” part of GAS may lead to a person experiencing heightened awareness and an increased ability to handle stress. After reading the section in the book on "Emotional and Behavioral Responses to Stress", think of the last time you experienced a significant stressor. How did you respond physically? How did you respond emotionally? What were your specific behaviors in response to the stressor? Were your responses helpful or hurtful in dealing with your efforts to handle the stressor?

The last time I can remember responding to a significant stressor was when a car accident happened right outside of my friend’s house. We were all in the living room and we heard a huge boom, almost like an explosion, followed by screeching and glass breaking. Immediately, my friend Will thought someone hit his car. When we opened the front door, we saw a truck, completely flipped,...
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