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Topics: Cell, Ribosome, Protein Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Cell wall:
Cell membrane:
All cells have cell membrane
Allows only essential things to come in.
Double layer of lipids.
Double layer=bilayer
Golgi body
Process and package macromolecules
There is a cis end and a Trans end.
Cells secrete things that have been packages from apparatus. Modify by adding carbs and phosphates.
Imports substances
Endoplasmic retulum
Cytoplasmic granules-small particle that floats in cytoplasm Made of ribosomal DNA and proteins
Found in prokaryotic and eukaryotic ells.
Processes protein synthesis-process in which proteins are made of amino acids. For protein synthesis you need a ribosome and messenger RNA. Ribosome takes code out and pairs it with amino acid.
Composed of 2 different subunits (small and large)
The 2 units combine when they get to the messenger RNA
Free ribosomes (in or on endoplasmic retulum) and bound ribosome’s (float in cytoplasm. Free ribosome’s make proteins that are used in cells, bound ribosomes. Mitochondria:
Found in all eukaryotic cells.
Amount varies.
“Power plant” of cell- produces most energy cell needs. ADP goes into the cell, where it is met by phosphates to make ATP to make cellular respiration Temporary storage molecule for energy
Has its own genome
Produces energy for the cell to move and reproduce
Digestive cell
Protects enzymes inside the membrane
Vesicles that can store and transport
Break down macromolecules.
Combine with incoming food vacuoles
Destroy harmful bacteria
Act as recycling center of damaged organelles
Found in animal cells and plant cells.
In cytoplasm
Takes up 30% of space in cell
Surrounded by membrane called tonoplast
Filled with water and store undigested nutrients
No specific shape, form or size
Function differs depending on what cell it is in.
Most important in plant cells
In single cell fresh water organisms pump out extra water
Both in plant and animal cells
Its job is to...
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