Catcher in the Rye Quiz

Topics: Novel, Has-a, Robert Burns Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: October 3, 2012
Quiz: The Catcher in the Rye (15 points)

Name: _________________________________

Multiple Choice (1 point each)

Top of Form
1. Where does the title of the novel come from?
a. a game that Holden and Allie would play
b. a reference to Greek mythology
c. a poem by Robert Burns being sung by a child
d. the title of Holden's favorite song

2. What is one of Holden's least favorite words?
a. indeed
b. grand
c. phony
d. fabulous

Top of Form
3. In what month does the novel take place?
a. January
b. December
c. November
d. May

4. Why does Holden believe that everyone mistakes him for an older person? a. He uses obscure French words and phrases.
b. He has prematurely graying hair.
c. He is 6'4".
d. He has a perpetual five-o'clock shadow.

5. According to Holden, which item shows that Stradlater is a phony? a. His hound's-tooth jacket
b. His baseball mitt
c. His suitcases
d. His razor

(Turn exam over!)

Short Answer (2 points each)

6. Where is Holden as the story begins?

7. About what did Holden write Stradlater’s composition?

8. Who is Jane Gallagher?

9. What was the “big mess” Holden got into when he got back to the hotel after being at Ernie’s?

10. Why does Holden leave Mr. Antolini’s house?

Extra Credit (up to 3 points)
Write a short paragraph. Use examples if possible.

Holden calls other people phony. Does he count as phony as well? Why or why not?
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