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Topics: Management, Marketing, Quality control Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: April 5, 2013
1. When a company focuses on routine operations there can be no further growth for it and its products hence the Management should project where the company will be in future. In a nutshell, focus should be on the long-term development of the company. Burton Snowboard and Accessories Company Management has set objectives, developed a plan policy guidelines that will see the company develop. Burton’s management credits much of the company success to its ability to respond well to change. Taking up new initiatives and opportunities has been the company’s goal and have always thrived on opportunities since its formation.

Closing Burlington factory will basically affect the 40 people who are going to lose their jobs but will create more jobs to the State of Vermont where the new company will open it door to many. The company faced a challenge of controlling it production costs without scarifying the quality as stated by Burton.

The company developed plan is one of the marketing tools that companies should vitally use to guide management as to how business activities should be executed. In the absence of the marketing tool developing plans the company floats.

Developing policy guidelines are other tools that are needed to guide the company on recruitment, promotion of the product transfer, and demotion of employees. Burton Snowboard will need to conduct induction courses in the State of Vermont in order to develop new staff. This is a must for all newly recruited staff as well as those transferred from their main company to the new area there are less familiar with.

There should be a Harmonized differences in managerial approaches where employees should be exposed to the company’s culture in order to learn the way things are done at Burton Snowboard and Accessories.

Burton Snowboard should organize meetings, study groups and workshops which are tools which are vital to deal with in the interdepartmental, or in the different stores interface, through...
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