Case Analyses: Schedule, Format, and Required Items

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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MGMT 446: Strategic Management (Spring 2013)
Case Analyses—Schedule, Format, and Required Items

Per the syllabus, p. 4-5, you must submit three (3) written Case Analyses. Each of these case analyses (papers) is worth a maximum of 100 points. Below the cases are grouped into UNIT 1, UNIT 2, and UNIT 3 case options. You must complete one (1) case paper from EACH of these Units (3 case papers total). No late cases will be accepted for a grade.

NOTE: The first case appearing on the Course Schedule (Feb. 8th and 11th) is Victory: The New American Motorcycle… (Case #29, p. C419). As you may know, Victory is a division of Polaris Industries, Inc., a recreational vehicle company that competes with Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, and others in the ATV/Personal Watercraft/Motorcycle markets. We will complete the Victory (Polaris) case together as a class, a sort of “trial” case—with homework related to financial and case analysis.


McDonald’s (Case #14)Due Wednesday, February 27th
Dr. Pepper/Coke (Case #8)Due Friday, March 1st


Chipolte (Case #5)Due Wednesday, March 13th
Domino’s Pizza (Case #7)Due Friday, March 15th


AT&T (Case #3)Due Wednesday, April 3rd
Rite-Aid Corporation (Case #22)Due Friday, April 5th

Format for Case Papers

Paper Format:Case Papers should be Typed, SINGLE-SPACED, 12 pt. font (Times Roman or similar neat, simple font), Black ink, no color except where appropriate for contrast in charts/figures (see Charts/Figures instructions below).

Paper Length:Approximately 2-4 pages, depending on the complexity of the case. Single staple in top left corner of paper.

Name/Heading:Include the following information in the top-right corner of first page:

Your Name
Case Company (e.g., Netflix)
Unit (1, 2, or 3)

Charts/Figures:Each case paper should include at least two charts/figures (see instructions for Item 1 (next page). Charts/figures should be integrated in text, and neatly presented (typed). Each chart/figure must include the following:

Title (e.g., Netflix’s Operating Profit Margins, 2005-2009)
Axis Labels for both Horizontal and Vertical Axes
(e.g., Time Period, %, $, etc.)
Data points/Trend Lines clearly presented
Color used when comparing TWO or more trends/patterns

Section Headings:Label each of your sections with headings for the Items (case questions).

Item 1
The most important recent financial trend for Netflix is…

Item 2
The keys to Netflix’s rapid growth early on were…

Note: There is no need to reproduce the case questions. So if Item 2 for the Netflix case is a question concerning company growth, simply use the heading for Item 2 and begin writing your response directly underneath this heading.

Page Numbers:Number your pages, beginning with the first page (Page 1). Use simple page number formatting, bottom-right corner of each page.

Format for Case Papers (contd.)

Text References:You are encouraged to use evidence to support your analysis and conclusions wherever possible. When quoting from the case, be sure to use quotes and to cite the page number in the case, as: “Licensing revenue has become an increasingly important contributor to Adobe’s bottom line, and Adobe depends on the continued market share dominance of Flash content to maintain and grow licensing revenues” (C13). When quoting/citing text, use a “T” to indicate text: The focus strategy is an integrated set of actions taken to produce goods or services that serve the needs of a particular competitive segment” (T118). Indent for longer quotes. If you are citing an idea or concept, simply use the appropriate...
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