Case: 2 Outsourcing at Any Cost? Do Corporations Ever Have

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Case: 2 Outsourcing at Any Cost? Do Corporations Ever Have
A Moral Obligation Not to Outsource?

1.Does have a moral duty to keep its promise to stay in Green Fork so long as it can do so profitably? Why or why not? If so, is accepting even the first offer from the city and workers too much to ask?

Yes, they do have a moral obligation to keep their promise to stay in Green Fork. Businesses have responsibilities too. is facing a difficult moral challenge, balancing profit against the needs of their employees. The moral challenge is even more intense, because of the promise made by CEO Dale Horner when the company was just starting out. They should fulfill their commitment to their employees and the community. Stay where they are, keep their employees, pay them a decent wage and invest in their future here in the United States.

2.Could entire white-collar professions be lost to lesser-developed countries if the outsourcing trend continues? Would this be fair to Americans?

Yes, the entire white-collar profession could be lost to lesser–developed countries if the outsourcing trend continues. Driven by the profit motive, many companies will be tempted to adopt the least costly moral principles that are allowed. Many corporations are often accused of exploiting the resources and workers of third world countries. Banks and financial institutions do not hire the local people, yet these businesses benefit by bringing in local money. They typically pay much less to third world employees than to Americans. No, this would not be fair to Americans, because instead of paying a local $10 and hour they will go to a third world country and pay someone there $2 an hour.
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