Campus Wedding

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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The Campus Wedding

On March 31, Mary Jackson announced that she and Larry Adams were going to be married at April 22. There were many things to do considering they have only 21 Days. First is the reserve of the church, it takes a day to reserve the church and reception hall, and they need 17 days notice, and after that to decorate the church will take 3 days. An extra $100 contribution on Sunday will cut the notice to 10 Days.

Second thing is the maid of honor is in Guatemala and it will take her 10 days to get ready and drive up there, and then get her dress fitted. But if they could fly her with cost of $500, it will only take 2 days. Buying gifts for the bridesmaids takes 1 day. Third is the catering that will need 2 days to choose, and 10 days notice to order before rehearsal.

The next thing is the dresses. Choosing the pattern of the material of the dresses take 3 days, then to order it take 8 days. But they could get it in 5 days if they paid an extra $25. After the material arrives, to sew it takes 11 days, but if they hired Mrs. Watson to help it will only takes 6 days, with the cost of 120 for each days. Fitting the dresses will take 2 days and cleaning it will also take 2 days, but the express service can do it in 1 day for $30.

Next is the invitation. They need 3 days to choose the invitation style, and to order it will takes 3 days, but it could be done in 5 days with extra $35. It takes 4 days to prepare the guest list. Addressing the invitation will take 4 days, but it could be done in 2 days with the help of part-timer and cost $25 per day. Mailing the invitation takes a day. The invitation need to go out at least 10 days before the wedding.

Below is the Activities and Precedence Relationship table

No |Activity |Precedence |Normal Time |Crash Time |CC-NC |Cost per day |Days | |A |Reserve Church |  |1 |  |  |  |  | |B |Waiting |A |17 |10 |100 |14.28571429 |7 | |C |Decorating |B |3 |  |  |  |  | |D |Calling Jane Summers |  |10...
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