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Topics: Ethics, Apple, Virtue Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Bogus Beech Nut Apple Juice Analysis
Right or wrong. The idea of choosing to do what's right or choosing to do wrong have, most likely, been taught to us from a very early age. The concept carries through to our adult life, however not all decisions are black and white. But how do we know if the choice we make is the best choice for our given situation?  Analysis of each situation is needed in order to glean the proper perspective of each separate topic. The case of the "Bogus Beech Nut Apple Juice" is the case in question, and I plan to recognize the underlying ethical dilemma for each person involved with this case, as well as, identify each unethical action that occurred for each of those parties by analyzing each unethical situation related to this case while recommending action. I will also identify the harm that may have transpired to those individuals by determining the most appropriate type of analysis for each of the unethical situations. The first step in recognizing the underlying ethical dilemma is to determine the individuals involved in this particular case. The first person we become familiar with in this case is the president of Beech Nut, Lars Hoyvald. Most of us that work in a business environment today, will most likely use the principle of utilitarianism when making an “ethical” decision. We tend to look at our actions, or consequences of our actions, in order to determine the best decision. I believe that Lars Hoyvald used this method of ethical analysis when he determined to continue use of the concentrate from Universal Juice Company. The case clearly states that Hoyvald was urged by several executives to discontinue using Universal Juice as the supplier and recall the “bogus” juice, however he knew that switching suppliers would cost additional funds each year and that action would hit Beech Nut at the most vulnerable spot, their bottom dollar. The case also states that Hoyvald would have, “Just called up Switzerland and told them...
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