Business Communications Exam #1

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Angela LumSeptember 21, 2012

BUSI 2304 Exam #1

1. A
2. A
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. D
8. A
9. B
10. A
11. C
12. B
13. A
14. C
15. D
16. C
17. D
18. B
19. D
20. B
21. C
22. C
23. A
24. B
25. B
26. TRUE
28. TRUE
29. TRUE
30. TRUE
31. TRUE
33. TRUE
34. TRUE
35. TRUE
36. TRUE
37. TRUE
39. TRUE
40. TRUE
42. TRUE
43. TRUE
44. TRUE
45. TRUE

Essay Questions

Essay Questions

51. The five trends affecting us in today’s dynamic workplace are: Heightened Global Competition, Flattened Management Hierarchies, Expanded Team-Based Management, Innovative Communication Technologies, and “Anytime, Anywhere”/Non-Territorial Offices. Global Competition requires constant communication to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Flattened Management has eliminated some of the middle line managers and has forced top level management to communicate with employees that may possess certain language barriers. This trend has required all employees be skilled at all types of communication; written and oral. Expanded Team-Based Management has forced employees to share knowledge and information. This requires successful communication skills as said before as well as a lot of patience. Communication Technologies are ever changing. Luckily, my generation has grown up in this technological environment. The “Baby Boomers” or my parent’s generation weren’t so lucky and continue to struggle to stay adjusted to the fast paced changes. Technology will be an ongoing, constant challenge of staying abreast, if you miss one step or innovation, you’ll be obsolete. Anytime, anywhere offices make work a little more fun!! It does pose the challenge of maintaining constant contact with your office for matters of inventory, messages, as well as manufacturing delays or processing issues.

52. The first step in the communication process is when the sender has the idea or generates the thought. Next, the sender must encode the message or decide how best to communicate his or her message to their receiver. This is the process of taking the thought or idea and putting it into words. The sender then transmits the message via email, verbal communication, or picture message among others, once the receiver obtains the message, their job is to decode said message. Decoding is the process of understanding and comprehending what you have heard, seen, or read. The final step in the communication process happens when the receiver relays the feedback back to the sender, this is ultimately showing the sender that the message was received and understood. “Noise” can include all types of distractions, it doesn’t have to be actual noise, it could include interruptions, phone calls, as well as emotional detachment from the business at hand.

53. The five ethical traps that we are faced with as business communicators are as follows:

• The False Necessity Trap – An example of this is feeling the need to falsify an application or resume because by stating that you have a required degree necessary for a desired position. You feel like you have to lie to obtain the position therefore it is a false necessity.

• The Doctrine of Relative Faith Trap – This is a lot more common than many people know. The mentality is “Well she did it and got away with it so why can’t I?” An example would be needing toilet paper for your house and taking some out of your office storage room, you justify this because your boss just took customers out to the college football game and spent $1000.00 of the company’s money. It’s not such a big deal in your mind but it’s completely unethical and two totally different situations.

• The Rationalization Trap – My belief is that this is relatively the same as The Doctrine...
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