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Topics: A Great Way to Care, Thermodynamics, Energy Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Section 6 – Understand the purpose of improving own performance in a business environment and how to do so

1. Explain the purpose of continuously improving your performance in a business environment.

By continuously improving your performance at work, you are exceeding your own limitations/performance, learning new skills and producing quality work that meets the high standards of your organisation. You are achieving your targets and goals because you are putting more effort into your work. Not only does this impress your employer and colleagues and gives you more chance of increasing your income or getting a promotion, it also gives you the motivation you need to proceed with your work. Your efficiency and effectiveness in producing work will give you a sense of satisfaction, as well as receiving positive feedback from the people around you.

2. Describe at least two ways of improving your performance at work. Where relevant, illustrate your answer with specific examples from your own experience.

In order for me to improve my performance at work I would look at any training I think I may need, learn from any mistakes made, have a positive ‘can do’ attitude, you need to be focused during your work day. You need to be able to concentrate on the task at hand to be able to get it done effectively and efficiently. Eliminate distractions from your work. Don’t be tempted to check your Facebook etc when you should be doing work. Put your phone on silent or vibrate if you can. Creating some goals for yourself and your career is a great way to improve work performance.

3. Briefly describe at least two different types of career pathways that may be available to you.

I would like a more senior role with more responsibility still within the NHS. In order to achieve this I need to continue with further training and even consider a different role in order to have opportunities to allow me to gain further experience.
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