Bugusa Case Senerio

Topics: Tort law, Tort, Common law Pages: 4 (1005 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Case Scenario: Bugusa Inc


BUGusa is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells electronic recording devices. These devices are very complicated and used by local police departments and the FBI. The devices are normally used to record sounds and noises through houses. Because these devices are highly sophisticated, BUGusa spends a lot of money to the do research and develop these devices. The huge investment that BUGusa spends to make such exceptional devices can be secluded in a lot of ways. These consist of trade secret protection, patenting their products, and even registering their trademark. These will each be discussed in detail all through this essay.

WIRETIME, Inc., Advertisement

WIRETIME, Inc., has advertisement that was published in a magazine containing statements that the electronic recording equipment that BUGusa, Inc.has was a low quality and did not work more than a month. The tort that was commited with the advertisement is a strict liability tort. The tortfeasor being BUGusa, Inc. is held liable for the quality of the equipment they have. Intentional tort would be committed also in that the tortfeasor is making it known to others about the type of equipment that is used.

WIRETIME, Inc. (Janet)

Janet works for the BUGusa, Inc. and is offered a job with WIRETIME, Inc. as a research and development head by the HR manager. Janet informed the WIRETIME, Inc. HR that she has a two-year contract with BUGusa, Inc. and the contract states that she is not to work for any competitors in the event that she is fired or chooses to leave BUGusa, Inc. The HR manager from WIRETIME, Inc. offers Janet a 10% increase over her current salary and a $5,000.00 signing bonus if she decides to join WIRETIME, Inc. Janet decides to resign and go work for WIRETIME, Inc. The intentional tort is being committed by WIRETIME, Inc. The tortfeasor being the WIRETIME, Inc. HR has offered Janet incentives to leave BUGusa...
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