Bridge Syllabus 2012-2013

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Biology Summer Bridge and Fall Windows on Science

1. Schedule of Classes: Bridge: August 6 - 16 Room TBA Fall: Thursdays 3:00 – 4:50 in BS 3012

2. This course is taught by an instructional team. The team members are:

Faculty Mentor Dr. Corinne Ulbright
UC 2143

Advisor Colleen Rusnak
UC 3042

Librarian: Edward Gonzalez
UL 3120B

Student Mentor Shelbi Grow
UC 2005

3. Office Hours:
Ulbright: R 1:30 – 2:30 pm or whenever you can catch me in my office. You can make an appointment by contacting me through email.

4. Course Overview: Welcome! This course is designed for entering students who plan to major in biology at IUPUI. The overall goal is to facilitate your entry into IUPUI, and help you succeed in college. We will be building on academic skills you already have and introducing you to the many resources available at IUPUI. During the summer, you will be part of the Summer Bridge, and will participate in activities with other groups of students. During the fall, we will be a section of Windows on Science (Science learning community, section 10316) which is a one credit course. The last meeting of the Windows on Science will be October 25, when we register for Spring 2013 classes.

As part of the IUPUI bridge program, we will concentrate on introducing you to the campus and preparing you for college-level coursework. This class will use Oncourse ( to post grades, make announcements, etc. During the summer and fall you will meet several people in the School of Science, including at least one of the professors teaching one of your fall classes. These meetings will be quite informal and allow you to learn more about science, and about the courses they teach and what it takes to succeed in them. It will also make it easier to go to them for help if you need it later.

5. Research Projects: Most of you know that science is based on lots of accumulated knowledge, but you may not realize it also requires the ability to imagine what comes next, and/or innovative ways to use and transmit that knowledge to others. During the summer and fall you will work independently on three projects designed to introduce you to the culture and creativity of science, and the value of both imagination and knowledge. Two of the projects will be done as individuals working on subjects of their own choosing, and the third will be the whole class working on a single topic. To assist you with these projects you will be introduced to the university’s library system, the writing center (college-level writing), and the communication department (college-level oral presentations). These will help you not only with the bridge projects but later with Eng-W 131 and Comm-R 110, the composition and communication courses required for almost every major at IUPUI. Both of the individual projects will end with an oral presentation that will also include power point slides - if you need help with power point just ask either the mentor or Dr. Ulbright for help.

The first individual research project (Imagination) will focus on the role of imagination in scientific work. For this research project you will select a problem involving society or your community and come up with a novel idea of how...
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