Biology Midterm

Topics: DNA, Gene, Protein Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Midterm Study Guide Answers
1. A hypothesis is an explanation of observations. “If the floor is wet, I will slip.” 2. A controlled experiment is when only one variable is changed. 3. If the plant you are experimenting with has a disease that is an unavoidable experimental error. 4. An enzyme speeds up reactions and lowers the energy it takes to produce something, a lock and key. 5. Autotrophs make their own food by producing sugars from sunlight and various chemicals. 6. Abiotic factors are factor that are nonliving, such as the air, sunlight and the temperature. Biotic factors are living factors like birds, trees and fish. 7. Primary succession- occurs on surfaces where no soil exists. 8.

9. If there are too many predators and not enough prey then the predator will eventually die off. Then the prey’s population will increase. 10. Non-native species can kill native species because they aren’t familiar with the new organisms. 11. The SUN!

12. Producer because they use the suns energy.
13. When heat gets trapped in the ozone layer.
14. Eukaryotes have a nucleus with genetic information inside them and are more complex than prokaryotes which have free floating genetic information and no nucleus. 15. Nucleus has DNA
Mitochondria- converts chemical energy into usable compounds Ribosomes- assembles proteins
Chloroplast-converts sun’s energy into chemical energy and is only found in plants 16. Osmosis
17. ATP- stores and releases energy by breaking polypeptide bonds. 18. Photosynthesis releases energy, sugars, into plants. It takes place inside of the chloroplast and it uses water and CO2 to produce oxygen and sugars. 19. 6CO2+6H2O and light sugars+oxygen

Carbon dioxide + water and Light sugars + oxygen
20. Cellular Respiration releases energy into living things. It happens inside of the mitochondria and uses glucose, sugars from foods, to make ATP, energy. 21. Glucose is broken...
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