Bioclimatic Design

Topics: Climate, Heat, Photovoltaics Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Architecture’s great commitment is to find the correct relation between safety and comfort, the latter being the correct relation between temperature, humidity, lighting and ventilation.The very definition of the bioclimatic experience excludes the possibility of any kind of universal model.The bioclimatic concept is, above all, a commitment between climate, place, culture, local traditional materials and the architectonic programme itself. The synthesis of this is an always individualised ‘inhabitable wrapping’.Nature provides us with climatic conditions (variation in air temperature, incident solar radiation, wind systems, air direction, speed and humidity), which can be passively harnessed through purely architectonic devices.The essential principle of bioclimatism is that of building with the climate. A personalised study of your case gives us the beginnings of the architectonic design.

Architecture and environment.

Modern society separates us more and more from the natural environment to which we belong, denying us the time necessary to understand the enormous range of possibilities which form the world we live in.Knowledge of nature and of the different habitats in which the climatology varies enormously provide us with the necessary data to act respectfully towards our surroundings, conserving and maintaining its biodiversity.A permanent dialogue with nature and a meticulous study of the site are the first steps towards integrating architecture into the natural environment.In the ENDANGERED BIRD SANCTUARY in Cañada de los Pájaros, the overriding objective was that of forming an outdoor space indoors and integrating into it all the external elements.Special attention was given to the vegetation and water levels, as well as to small constructional finishes.No artificial element exists within the container, the main objective of which is to be a piece of nature. The foundations...
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