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BG Group fast facts:
* BG Group holds capacity at regasification terminals on both sides of the Atlantic * We have rights to existing US import capacity in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Elba Island, Georgia. * BG Group has been the largest supplier of LNG to the world’s largest gas market - the US - for the last five years * BG Group is the largest international oil company operator of LNG ships * BG Group has supplied 22 of the 22 LNG importing countries and sourced LNG from 10 different supplier countries * A leading supplier of Atlantic Basin LNG into the Pacific Basin in 2009. * We have established liquefaction capacity in Trinidad and Egypt, through Atlantic LNG and Egyptian LNG respectively, and are exploring future liquefaction opportunities in Egypt, Nigeria, and Trinidad * We have also signed long-term purchase contracts with Nigeria, Egypt and Equatorial Guinea LNG fast facts

* LNG is not stored or transported under high pressure - only 2 to 3 pounds per square inch (psi) * LNG is an odourless, non-toxic and non-corrosive liquid. If spilled, LNG would not result in a hydrocarbon "slick". Without an ignition source, LNG evaporates quickly and disperses into the atmosphere, leaving no residue * Natural gas and LNG are composed primarily of methane (80% - 99%) and also contain small quantities of ethane, propane and heavier hydrocarbons, as well as other minor substance * During the last 45 years, LNG ships have traveled more than 100,000,000 miles without a major accident or significant loss of cargoes Exploration and Production

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* 2011 net production 7.6 mmboe.
* Exploration and development of onshore CSG acreage in the Surat and Bowen basins. * Exploring shale gas potential in the Cooper basin.
* Exploring deep gas sands potential in the south of the Bowen basin. * Total gross resources in Australia of more than 25 tcf. * BG Group supplies the equivalent of about 20% of the State of Queensland’s gas demand. 2011 key events

* Drilling progress impacted by extensive flooding in Queensland in December 2010 and January 2011. * Ongoing progress with upstream appraisal, field development planning, engineering and procurement activities. * Construction of two field compression stations commenced. QGC’s first plant to treat produced CSG water is now operating. Almost 190 kilometres of the 540-kilometre pipeline route was prepared and nearly 150 kilometres of pipe was ready for welding and burial. * A total of 184 wells drilled in the Surat and Bowen basins: 76 appraisal wells, 94 development wells and 14 exploration wells. In addition, two deep (tight gas) exploration wells also drilled. * Produced gas from over 200 CSG wells.

* Approximately 2 000 wells expected to be drilled by 2014, with 6 000 over the life of the project. * In 2012, 11 drilling rigs and up to 12 completion rigs are expected to be in operation. * Production anticipated to increase to some 215 000 boed when the two LNG trains are onstream.

Key dates
Alliance with Queensland Gas Company (QGC) established
QGC acquisition completed Pure Energy acquired
Engineering Procurement Construction contracts for LNG plant signed Contract signed with CNOOC for sale of 3.6 mtpa of LNG
Received environmental approval from Queensland state and Australian federal government for QCLNG Project

BG Group entered Australia in early 2008 via an alliance with Queensland Gas Company (QGC), a leading coal seam gas (CSG) company supplying the Queensland market. BG Group acquired a 20% interest in QGC’s CSG assets in the Surat Basin, southern Queensland, and a 9.9% stake in QGC. Under the agreement, the plans were to develop the CSG acreage to deliver to the domestic market and to a new LNG export facility on the Queensland coast. Following a successful drilling campaign and the decision to develop a...
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