Begining of Slavery in Virginia

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Why do we go from Indentured servants to Slavery in Virginia? * Race does not scientifically exist nor is it defined. We made it up. It evolved out of one group deciding another group is different and cultures are different. Racism has to be taught. * English and European Racism: wanting to believe how you are and who you are is the best and your way is better. Evolved out of the type of society they came out of. White was always looked at as light and a good thing. Black is associated with things that are evil. The symbolism is already attached and they start seeing blacks and the symbolism starts getting attached to humans. * In Virginia, there comes a time when blacks are indentured servants, can become farmers, ect. Then rules begin to change based on color. In the 16th century a slave code is adopted, the status of the children follows the status of the mother, one of the most famous ones. In the 17th century there is more white indentured servants than black slaves. Racism doesn’t explain why slavery becomes to dominate form of labor. * Indentured slaves: treated so bad in Virginia and Maryland they passed a law stating that they had to bury the indentured servants after they died instead of just throwing them in the woods, was a way of giving poor people in England a chance in Virginia to become a planter and start making their own money if they could get through their indentured time(was hard to get through). So many indentured servants died in Virginia. * We switch from indentured servants to African slaves: in the 1660s the price of tobacco dropped. Was an economic disaster. So they plant more to make It up in volume and it drives $ down further, Supply overwhelmed demand. The small planters start to get squeezed out and when the indentured servants get free they either sharecrop for larger planters or get bad land. The problem of the mob starts in Virginia with the Indentured servants. Politically things suck for the guys in the middle...
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