Batter Test Inventory

Topics: Art materials, Towel, Drawing Pages: 3 (351 words) Published: December 12, 2012

I. Azima Battery Test:
finger paints (Y, R, G, Blu, Brn, Blk)
2 pcs white cartolina, 16” x 22”
2 pcs slightly sharpened pencil # 2 with
1 ball of clay
1 clear plastic container for the clay
1 clear plastic container for water
lots of paper towel
oslo paper
1 clear plastic cover 16” x 22”

TASKS:spontaneous drawing
figure drawing
finger painting
clay task

II. Goodman Battery Test:
2 pcs cartolina, 12” x 18” (white)
1 ball of clay
plaster bat
clay tools
2 pcs. pencil #2 slightly sharpened with
1 clear plastic container for water
white glue
small container for white glue
tongue depressor
lots of paper towels
mosaic tiles, 5/16”, choice of ten colors
mosaic tiles, 3/8”, choice of ten colors
tile model (refer to p 101 of textbook)
2 pcs blank masonite base, 2 1/4 “x 2 ¾”x ¼”

TASKS:mosaic tile
spontaneous drawing
figure drawing
clay task

III. Shoemyen Battery Test:
2 pcs. of 6 x 6” masonite board
mosaic tiles, 7/8”, choice of ten colors
finger paints (red, blue, yellow)
3 tongue depressor
2 pcs. cartolina, 16” x 22” (white)
1 clear plastic container for water
1 block 4” x 4” cube
clay tools or skiving knife
1 slab ¼ size of illustration board
1 ball of clay
1 pc. of #2 pencil slightly sharpened

TASKS:mosaic tile
finger painting
clay task

IV. Magazine Picture Collage:
colored construction paper 12” x 18” choice
of ten colors
blunt pair of scissor
glue in a small container
stack of magazine (a minimum of 15 pcs. in
a different variety)

TASK:magazine picture collage task

V. The Person Symbol Test:
10 pcs bond paper 8 ½” x 11”
3 pcs. of pencil no. 2 ½ with usable eraser
Goodenough Harry Rating Scale

TASK:person drawing task

VI. The Bay Area Battery Test:
10 different kinds of sea shells (4...
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