Australia Notes

Topics: Great Artesian Basin, Pacific Ocean, Artesian aquifer Pages: 2 (262 words) Published: December 4, 2012
outback – dry, harsh conditions, cant grow nutritious food, not much water, to hard to survive in these conditions

great Dividing range – more people live on the edge

Artesian Basin : lowest point of elevation; settlement patterns – more water more people likely to live there

Proximity to the equator – further from equator its cooler

BigDessert with green edges – lush vegetation on the outside

2. further from equator, away from harsh conditions, platiful rainfall, Aartesian basin is closer,

Reasons for uniqueness: by itself, not connected to anything,

Factrs effecting economic activities : Australia has lots of minerals because its very old and evolved by itself. Millennium of time for minerals to develop, not exploiyed to much by humans. Farming; southeast water for irrigation better climate for farming,

Much cheaper to manufacture with china, compared to doing it in Australia

Various impacts on colonial history:

British colonized Australia, captain cook found Australia, sent all prisoners there, to help develop the country. Took advantage of aboriginals, treated the aboriginals well at first and but really take advantage of them to get to know the land. Europeans intent was to practice genocide; most aboriginals gave in, some aboriginals fought back. Europeans had better knowledge, technology, weapons, Europeans brought small pox to Australia; wiped out a lot of ppl.

6. that’s where the originals settlements where, there are not many ecumenes,

7. they are very isolated from the rest of the world, they were autonomous, developed on their own, country was built by prisoners

8. what they import are finished goods, export: raw materials.

Artesian wells: wells that na
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