Aung San Suu Kyi Techniques

Topics: Rhetoric, Rhetorical question, Question Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: November 6, 2012
EMOTIVE AND INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE | * strong and principled * ‘Emancipated..empowered’ women who with their ‘wisdom and experience’ should ‘struggle for justice and peace’ * “Few brave men !” | Positive words are used to illustrate the vital contribution women can make to the world. Also imposes a flexible and friendly tone. | SIMILE | * tender as mothers nursing their newly born’, ‘brave as lionesses defending their young’| By evoking poetic and maternal images she illustrates how women should use their biological tendency to nurture loved ones to and create peace| RHETORICAL QUESTIONS | * But is this really a weakness? Could it not be in fact strength?’ * ‘How much more could they not achieve?’| asks for the obvious truths, asks audience to question themselves and provokes stimulation toward the role of women on a global scale. | METAPHOR | * women to mould their own destiny’| Idealises the empowerment of women as being a timeless aim| PERSONAL ANECDOTE | * ‘ The convener of this forum suggested that among these global forces and challenges........ to concentrate on peace which occupy all my walking thoughts these days’ | Provides insight into context, background and information about the speaker. Also lend the speech the familiarity of a personal conversation, creates further appeal to ethos . | HUMOUR AND IRONY | * “The greatest concourse of women (joined by Few brave men !)” | Occurs in speakers exordium denotes a persona of open minded and flexible, this notion of women being flexible act to support her self-construction in the latter of the speech as modest, rational and altruistic. | PARADOX | * ‘ voice some of the common hopes which firmly unite us in our splendid diversity’ | Convey as sense that the speech will be free of dogma, but also reflects the nature and attributes of the UN. | | * | |
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