Audio Steganography

Topics: Steganography, Audio file format, Digital audio Pages: 18 (5008 words) Published: December 26, 2012
1.1General Introduction
Security is a complicated subject, which can be tackled by trained experts. As complexity increases, we need to understand the basics of security in a network world. We propose possibilities to develop adaptive steganographic techniques in general. Steganography refers to the practice of hiding secret message in communications over a public channel so that an eavesdropper cannot even tell that a secret message is being sent. The aim of this study was to investigate implement and evaluate a number of common methods of pixel-based Steganography. All the steganographic methods are based on the manipulation of LSB of pixel values or the rearrangement of colors to create LSB, which corresponds to the message being hidden. In addition to these, a technique such as putting your signature to the audio file will be used which provides a means to embed copyright and other information for identification and tracking. Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity. Steganography works by replacing bits of useless or unused data in regular computer files (such as graphics, sound, text, HTML, or even floppy disks ) with bits of different, invisible information. This hidden information can be plain text, cipher text, or even images.

In a computer-based audio Steganography system, secret messages are embedded in digital sound. The secret message is embedded by slightly altering the binary sequence of a sound file. Existing audio Steganography software can embed messages in WAV, AU, and even MP3 sound files. Embedding secret messages in digital sound is usually a more difficult process than embedding messages in other media, such as digital images. These methods range from rather simple algorithms that insert information in the form of signal noise to more powerful methods that exploit sophisticated signal processing techniques to hide information.

Thus the main purpose of this project is to explain Audio Steganography and algorithms commonly employed for Audio Steganography and its applications.

1.2 Problem Statement
The term Steganography is adapted from the Greek word steganographia, meaning “covered writing” and is taken in its modern form to mean the hiding of information inside other information. Naturally these techniques date back throughout history, the main applications being in couriering information during times of war. With the invention of digital audio and images files this has taken on a whole new meaning; creating new methods for performing “reversible data hiding” as it is often dubbed. This has many possible applications including the copyright watermarking of audio, video and still image data. In digital media, Steganography is mainly oriented around the undetectable transmission of one form of information within another. In order for a data hiding technique to be successful it must adhere to two rules: •The embedded data must be undetectable within its carrier medium (the audio or image file used). The carrier should display no properties that flag it as suspicious, whether it is to the human visual/auditory system or in increased file size for the carrier file. •The embedded data must maintain its integrity within the carrier and should be easily removable, under the right circumstances, by the receiving party.

The existing system of Audio Steganography poses more restrictions on the choosing of audio files. User can select only wav files to encode. Further embedding information into sound files is generally considered more difficult than images; according to the human ear is extremely sensitive to perturbations in sound and can in fact detect such turbulence as low as one part in 10 million.

This project has following objectives:

To produce security tool based on steganography...
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