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1) What is their role in the text?

In To Kill a Mockingbird, composer Harper Lee uses a number of factors to embody the themes and issues being addressed in the novel. One of these key characters being Atticus, he hold the role of an advocate for justice and moral voice in the text. It is Atticus’ reaction to events in the narrative and his efforts to teach his children good values that convey the composer’s own values relation to the issues of justice, racism and truth that are addressed in the novel.

As a lawyer in Maycomb county Atticus is presented as the model of his profession, defending anyone brought to court so as to uphold his value in his person’s right to a fair trial. As a father to Scout and Jem he teaches them to differentiate between right and wrong, by encouraging them to reflect on what they observe in the racist actions of the people in Maycomb over the course of the narrative. In his conversations with his children Atticus continually makes effort to unveil the truth in every situation, from Tom Robinson’s trial to the treatment of Boo Radley.

Atticus represents the moral conscience of Maycomb, though the society itself is ignoring it. He continually upholds the value of what is good and right in the novel, therefore conveying Harper Lee’s own moral stance in the narrative.

By Sivanjali Karalasingham

2) How, if at all, do they change over the course of the novel?

I don’t think Atticus changes much at all throughout the novel. In the book, he remains morally sound in his thinking and actions and he does this in all the situations that come about to him, from the courthouse to his home. If, at all, there is any change, it is not distinct. Certainly, he is disheartened by the results of Tom Robinson’s trial, but he probably had already expected that to happen and realized that the social development of Maycomb would be a much more of a slower course. I also think that he did not expect a town so absorbed in...
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