Asses the Short Term Significances of the Easter Rising

Topics: Easter Rising, Sinn Féin, Irish Volunteers Pages: 4 (1056 words) Published: December 11, 2011
Assess The Short Term Significances of The Easter Rising

It is clear that a foremost short term significance of the Easter Rising was its failure on military terms. The Easter Rising led to the death of 450 individuals and the injury of over 2500[1]. At first, the rising was unpopular amongst the Irish, and the failure consequently left the general public and many Irish republicans in a state of humiliation. However, this was only the initial response which ultimately changed dramatically, in view of the fact that the British response was barbaric and subsequently created several martyrs to the republican cause… [Enter Source]

• Evaluate
• How does the source relate to the significance?
• Why is the source significant?
• Is it reliable?
• Why is it or isn’t it reliable?
• Who wrote it?
• Their background
• Will their historical/political views alter the reliability of the source? e.g. a Marxist historian • Nature, Origin, Purpose
…The Easter Rising on its own accord was a factor which triggered the response of the British which in time left many consequential outcomes.

Another significant aspect that caused several ongoing consequences was the response of the British to the Easter Rising. The reaction of the British government to the insurrection brought about further alienation of the Irish public’s opinion. On the 26th of April 1916 the British government had given John Maxwell the position of commander-in chief of troops, including national support of the police; furthermore Maxwell was granted permission to introduce martial law. In all, the police arrested 3430 men and 79 women [2]. This is significant because these statistics were extensive in relation to the magnitude of the outbreak, considering the reality that only (…) men were physically involved in the Easter Rising. Even though 2700 of those arrested had been released after the rising, it is evident that the extent of the violence and policing...
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