Aspirin Notes

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Aspirin in general is a safe drug but the ability to prevent blood clots is connected to some side effects. Aspirin can cause firstly stomach irritation. That’s means aspirin can irritate your stomach which has as a result pain, nausea, vomiting or hearburn. Sometimes can have other symptoms like bleeding, holes in stomach or intestines. In order to minimize these problems it should be better to have a full stomach. Also another problem that comes from aspirin can be Hemorrhage. If the use of aspirin is increased a lot with a program and take as much as you want, the risk of bleeding in your brain, intestines or urinary tract is high. Taking high dose of aspirin or manytablets for several days can cause ringing in your ears and temporary hearing loss. These can not have if you don’t take too many tablets. Allergy is on more serious problem. In about two out of 1,000 people, aspirin can lead to facial swelling and maybe can cause asthma. At least, aspirin is the main reason for Reye’s syndrome children who have a fever is very dangerous to take aspirin. It is not a usual phenomenon but these illness is very serious.


It is important to know if we are in a situation that we need to take aspirin or not. It is serious because it is for our health. It is easy to use aspirin for healthy men over 50 but after they discuss the aspirin therapy with their doctor. Healthy women are in a position to take aspirin in order to prevent heart atacks. In conclusion, anyone with a good diagosy, whois not at risk for aspirin’s side effects.
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