Aspects of Belonging Notes

Topics: Individual, Identity, Perception Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: March 20, 2013
English questions:
-Explain how some of the specific events that are presented in your texts provide insight into belonging/ not belonging? -Relationships are integral to human beings feeling like they belong. Assess the truth of this statement in regard to your prescribed text and one other text.

-Thesis statements for each aspect of belonging:
-Notions of Identity
Write an introduction and conclusion for each of the questions at the top of the page.

A strong sense of belonging within a community is reliant not only on the willingness to assimilate, but also on those already in the community to be accepting. •Feelings of acceptance can heighten a sense of belonging whereas rejection can alienate individuals. •An individual’s fear of alienation can lead them to think or act in ways that are not true to their ideology. Understanding

For an individual to feel that they belong to a particular person, place or group, they need to accept and understand the social expectations and behaviours of that community. •Understanding the values of a person, place or group is the fundamental foundation for mutual respect that allows for a sense of belonging. •An understanding and appreciation of individual differences – even within a group – is essential for the smooth running of the society and thus is the origin of the sense of belonging or not belonging. Relationships

The need to belong to a group or community shapes our behaviour, attitude and actions. •When humanity experiences a strong connection to a place the notion of belonging is strengthened and enriched. •When our relationship with a place is shaped by a narrow and biased view of the world, our notion of belonging can be questionable. •Connections with individuals, groups or places can nurture a sense of belonging through the relationship with that other person, group or place....
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