Ap Us History Ch 8 Essay Outline Q1

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, United States, Federalist Party Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Review Question/Essay Outline
Chapter 8: Question 1
Thesis: The political and economic views of Hamiltonian Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans differed in terms of centralized or state governments, acts passed by congress, American liberty, and industries. Later on when the Republican party dominated the government after the War of 1812, their original ideals started to blend in with Federalists’ and the lines blurred. I. Political Ideals

a. Hamiltonians believed in a strong central government that had more authority over the states i. Disliked the idea of “mob rule”
b. Federalists tended to be more politically influential people ii. Also tended to have more money and policies that appealed to their financial interests c. Supported factories and commerce

d. Jeffersonians tended to be hard working farmers and merchants with good morals e. Desired more state rights and liberties
f. Republicans were mostly new immigrants to the country II. Economic views
a. Jeffersonians wanted to keep away from despotism when Hamilton’s plans and the Alien and Sedition acts cam into place b. Repeal of taxes and banks should be state owned
c. Farmers were the engine of the economy and agriculture was the best industry d. Federalists supported National Bank that stored tax revenue, printed money and gave loans to corporations III. The prominent lines blur

a. After the War of 1812, Federalists become a minority and essentially go away b. Republicans are mostly present in congress
c. Some laws that are passed by the Republican dominated government also incorporate Federalist ideals i. Jefferson’s Louisiana purchase was a “loose” interpretation of the Constitution when he was known to be very strict with policies ii. Compromise in Yazoo land scandal

iii. Charter of the Second Bank of the United Staes
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