Anthem Dialectical Journal

Topics: Pledge of Allegiance, Irony, Street sweeper Pages: 4 (966 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Sydney Richter
August 20, 2012
Period 1
Dialectical Journal (Anthem by Ayn Rand)
|Passage |Explication | |Chapter 1 |This passage seems rather similar to the pledge of allegiance stating | |“We are one in all…indivisible and forever”(19). |that we as Americans are one nation under God. However, under our | | |nation we all are individuals and call ourselves by the word “I”. | | |Their society so far seems to over exaggerate a conformist view. | |Chapter 2 |First of all, this quote that Equality is definitely a rebel in their | |“You are beautiful Liberty 5-3000” (42). |society. No man or woman should see one higher than the other or | | |feeling any greater affection than that shown for all mankind and yet | | |it is evident here that Equality looks highly upon Liberty and even | | |has a “crush” on her. Not only that, but apparently this quote shows | | |that their society allows the word “you”. This word, however, shows | | |individualism which makes no sense in a world where there is no | | |individualism. | |Chapter 3...
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