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Sexual Abuse: Girls That Become Women


Angela M. Tindall


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Dr. Gary Szirony


Sexual abuse has the potential to cripple its victims emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Children who are sexually abused often proceed into adulthood with problems relating to the abuse. Understanding their problems, require the use of sympathetic understanding, knowledge, and counselor competence of applicable therapeutic interventions that would bring about total lifestyle changes.


Sexual abuse of children is a devastating problem in the United States and other countries. It affects encompasses all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds (Finkelhor, 1979). Childhood sexual abuse has been linked to poor social adjustment and general relationship problems (Dilillo, 2001). In adulthood, problems are usually manifested in negative intimate relationship outcomes, which include decreased satisfaction in romantic relationships, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault in adulthood.

Women who have experienced child sexual abuse, demonstrate a greater prevalence of risky sexual behaviors, and are more likely to be physically and sexually aggressive themselves (Finkelhor, 1979). With the above stated, previous research has found that cognitive distortions may impair their ability to trust others, which normally leads the victims in a state of ambivalence about interpersonal closeness and a heightened fear of abandonment.

In working with this population, the helping professional must adhere to the strict codes of the American Counseling Association. Prior to working with individuals who have issues with sexual abuse, counselor must explain to the client the nature of all services that are to be provided. He or she must inform the client about issues such as, but not limited to goals, techniques, procedures, limitations, potential risks, and benefits of services, counselors qualifications, credentials, and relevant experience working with said population (APA, 2005).

Annotated Outline

I. Introduction
Finkelhor, D. (1979). What’s wrong with Sex between Adults and Children? American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.

Finkelhor explores why sex with children is ethnically and morally wrong. He addresses how children cannot properly consent to sexual activity with adults.

A. Five Categories of Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome Summit, R. (1983). Child Sexual abuse Accommodation Syndrome. A diagnostic tool.

Summit provides an overview of the accommodation Syndrome sometimes called the “hush syndrome”, which is often exhibited by victims of sexual abuse.

B. Causes of Emotional Stress in Relationships
Kallstrom-Fuqua, A., C., Weston, R., Marshall, L., L. (2004). Childhood and Adolescent sexual abuse of community Women: Mediated effects on Psychological distress and Social relationships. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Kallstrom-Fuqua, Weston, and Marshall described factors that mediate the effects of child sexual abuse on later life relationships and psychological distress. The article also addresses the primary theme of betrayal in Finkelhor and Browne’s (1985) model, of how the loss of an open and trusting approach to others.

II. Examining the Blame effect of abuse Victims
Kubany, E., S., Hayes, S., N., Abueg, F., S., Manke, F., P., Brennan, J., M., & Stahura, C. (1996)....
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