Anatomy: Cellular Portion of Blood

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Blood 1
Chapter 17

Formed elements: Cellular portion of blood
Plasma: The nonliving fluid component of blood within which formed elements and various solutes are suspended and circulated. Buffy Coat: Contains leukocytes, the white blood cells that act in various ways to protect the body, and platelets, that help stop bleeding Albumin: The most abundant plasma protein

Erythrocyte: Red Blood Cells
Hemoglobin: Oxygen – transporting component of erythrocytes Hemopoiesis: Stoppage of bleeding
Red Bone Marrow: The place where hematopoiesis takes place
Erythropoietin: Hormone that stimulates production of red blood cells Bilirubin: Red pigment of bile
Leukocyte: Red blood cells, formed elements involved in body protection that take part in inflammatory and immune responses. Neutrophil: Most abundant type of white blood cell
Eosinophil: white blood cell that account for 2-4% o fall leukocytes, function – to kill parasitic worms Basophil: White blood cell whose granules stain deep blue with basic dye, has a relatively pale nucleus Lymphocyte: Agranular white blood cell that arises from bone marrow and becomes functionally mature in the lymphoid organs of the body. Monocyte: large single-nucleus white blood cell, agranular leukocyte Interleukin: One of the two families of hematopoietic factors. Thrombopoietin: A hormone that regulates platelet formation. Colony Stimulating Factor (CSF’s): One of the two families of hemotopoietic factors. Blood Transfusion: the introduction of blood or blood plasma into a vein or artery ABO blood group: are based on the presence or absence of two aggltinogens, type A and Agglutin: an antibody that causes agglutination (to glue to) of a specific antigen Rh Factor: There are at least 8 different types of Rh agglutinogens, each of which is called a Rh factor. Erythroblastosis fetalis: A medical condition where an rh negative mother's antibodies attack the red blood cells of an rh positive fetus Transfusion reaction: An...
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