Aggression: Understanding Why We Hurt Others

Topics: Anger, Aggression, Emotion Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: February 6, 2013
“Aggression: Understanding Why We Hurt Others”
Social Psychology 34

January 28, 2013
Submitted by: Pauline Giani B. Montellano
Submitted to: Ma’am Maita D. Ignacio
Aggression is basically the physical or verbal behavior intended to cause harm. It may either be hostile, driven by anger and performed as an end in itself, or instrumental, which is a means to some other end (Myers, 2008.) In this study, a survey was made to investigate the relationship between aggression and internet gaming. Heavy internet gamers were asked about their dominant emotions before, during, and after playing and also about how they deal with their friends while playing.

The result shows that the majority of the respondents feel excited before playing in the internet, which was a five over ten. Two respondents feel bored, whereas the rest feel normal, calm, and varying (upon the situation).
During playing, the outcome was that most of the respondents feel happy (six over ten.) Three of them still feel excited, and one had aggressive emotions.

According to the findings, majority of the respondents trash-talk their friends while playing, five out of ten people turned out to be doing this. Three respondents believed they treat their friends the same, whereas two thought they were competitive.

Half of the respondents, five over ten, feel satisfied after playing. Four respondents stated that it would depend upon the situation: happy if they won, and sad or angry if they lost. And, lastly, one stated he feels exhausted after playing. In terms of aggression, the results showed that there is a trend in the three phases: before, during, and after playing. Before playing, the majority feels excited to play, maybe as heavy gamers they have this urge to play that would explain why they feel this way. During playing, the majority feels happy, maybe because they are finally able to play already. But, it is also in this phase that they exhibit the most...
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