Acct 3610 Syllabus

Topics: Common law, Law, Contract Pages: 12 (3318 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Department of Accounting
ACCT 3610 Functions of law in Society and Business
Spring 2012-2013

Course Duration: 1 Semester

Medium of Instruction: English

1) An Introduction to Hong Kong Business Law: Vanessa Stott (Fourth edition, Longman) 2) Introduction to Law in the Hong Kong SAR: Ian Dobinson and Derek Roebuck (Second Edition, Sweet Maxwell)

Instructor Room Email Consultation

Charles Lam 3433 TBA (By appointment)

Course Objectives:

This course is to provide students with an awareness of the overall legal framework in which businesses in Hong Kong operate so as to enable them to apply the relevant laws and practices to business problems and practical solutions. The main objective is to give students an understanding of how the society and business function in different socio-legal contexts like the legal system and process and its influence on citizens’ social rights and duties; the enforcement and honoring of agreement between private citizens, the use of business organizations in commercial society, the relationship between employee and employer from social and legal perspectives, the growing importance of business ethics and corporate social responsibilities etc.

Apart from the traditional presentation of knowledge, the pedagogical method used will be coaching—in the sense that we want to fully develop the potentials of students. You will be given a number of case studies where the clients are seeking your business and legal advice. In the process of analysis, students should be able to critically identify the issues involved, discuss the legal principles and then apply them to solve the issues. We also welcome students’ comments on the validity of the principles and their recommendations. In the process of identifying the legal issues, students should be able to point out the defects of the law and suggest ways for legal reforms. Therefore, analytical capacity, independent thinking and development of original ideas and reasoning are the essences of this course.

Intended Learning Outcomes Approach

Law is not an abstract subject. It can be very practical, useful and inspiring. What we set out to do is to start with the introduction of some basic legal concepts supported by some real-life examples and then gradually develop students’ legal thinking and reasoning through doing case analysis. Progression within the course level is the very essence of the intended learning outcomes approach. Throughout the semester, students have to work on a group basis. Case studies and hypothetical examples will be designed to train students’ analytical skills and logical power. TAPPs will be used to facilitate the classroom discussion. Besides, students are expected to work closely as a team on the group project to deal with some socio-legal issues like business ethics and corporate social responsibilities, the social impact of minimum wage protection and the socio-legal implications of jury trial etc. Students are required to examine what are the socio-legal issues involved, discuss the relevant legal principles to deal with such issues and see whether they are adequate enough. Further, by doing a group project on some topical legal issues related to business and society, students can work as a team and learn from each other. Furthermore, the examination will be designed to meet the learning outcomes. Students will be tested on some basic legal concepts first and then eventually be able to deal with more complicated scenario-typed questions.

In the process of analysis, students should be able to understand the legal principles and apply them to resolve the legal issues. Through business case analysis, this course will train students’ legal reasoning ability. The legal reasoning is part of the social...
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