Academic Pharmacy

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4.0 What to consider as academic pharmacy?
One who considered a career in academic pharmacy should think of the following criteria: 4.1 Passion to educate
As a lecturer, one should have passion in educating the students as well as shaping their future. The lecturer should have the patience to teach the students and help them out to solve their problem in studies. 4.2 Continuous learning

Being a professional in scientific field, one should never stop learning to update their knowledge with latest information. Besides that, lecturer should be willing to learn from other teaching staffs and students. 4.3 Class size

Before joining any institutes, the lecturer should consider the size of the classes. It is difficult to control a large class as lecturers are not able to concern the progression of each student. Besides that, lecturers require some experience to handle the large class size and manage the class well. 4.4 Number and type of faculty member.

A lecturer who works in a faculty with fewer members requires to taking more responsibilities and having more administrative loads.1 If the faculty members are well organized and everyone has different roles and tasks, the administrative works are easier. 4.5 Revenue sources for institution

Institutes with large revenue sources are able to provide more facilities and resources in researching works. One should also consider whether the institute provides external research funding or not. 4.6 Other programs housed within the institutions

Before deciding which program to teach, the lecturer should go through the list of program offered by the institutions. One shall consider which subject that he or she is interested in and having most passions with.

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