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1.What are the 3 main challenges to studying abnormal psychology that we discussed in class? List the 3 challenges and describe why they are important to consider. (4 points) Avoiding stigma, objectivity, and preconceived notions

2.What are 4 criteria used to define abnormal behavior? Define each criterion and give an example. (4 points)
4 D’s
3.Describe the diathesis stress model. Give an example of a diathesis and a stress and how they might result in a mental disorder. (4 points) Diathesis stress model – genetic vulnerability to a disorder Nature vs. Nurture

Nature – biological -> stress (the environment)
Diathesis – underlying predisposition, increases one’s risk of developing disorder Stress – Environmental events, may occur at any point after conception With the biological, social and psychological triggers from both diathesis and stress = a disorder 4.What is the biopsychosocial model? Describe each component and give examples. Explain how each example you use might contribute to a mental disorder. (6 points) Biopsychosocial model integrates 3 different components

Something that falls under the biological, psychological, and social environments 5.What are the 5 axes of the DSM-IV? Describe each Axis and then give an example Diagnosis (using each Axis). (6 points) Axis 1 – Principal disorder – people who need attention (ex: depression, bipolar) Axis 2 – Personality disorder _ that may be shaping the current response to the Axis I problem Axis 3 – Medical – medical or neurological problems that may be relevant to the indiciduals current past psychiatric problems e.g., Axis 5 – Global assessment functioning (the number from 0-100 based on their functioning) 6.A researcher wants to evaluate the effectiveness of behavior therapy for children’s attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Describe an experiment to evaluate this treatment and indicate the experimental and control groups and the independent and dependent variables. Describe how you would assign children to the experimental and control groups and how you could evaluate the experimental effect. (6 points) When designing the experiment you will look at how your getting your samples, how it will be more effective, the variables, how you are going to assign people into groups (random assignment) 7.How would you go about assessing and diagnosing a possible psychological disorder with a high school student who has quit attending school? Name 6 different types of assessment you could use and give examples of each. (6 points) Different types of assessments – behavioral (behavioral monitoring), biological (some sort of brain imaging to see if there is a biological impairment), psychological (self report), clinical interview (structured or unstructured interview; family interview), Cognitive assessment (ink blots; IQ tests), personality test

Multiple Choice Questions (80 points total, 2 points per question)

Make sure you can define and apply the following terms:

Chapter 1
StigmaDestructive beliefs and attitudes ascribed to groups that are considered different (Self-stigma [when a person has an mental illness and starts to discriminate harmful beliefs about themselves], Cultural stigma, Social stigma, and Family stigma [where it is less or more acceptable]) EugenicsPromotion of enforced sterilization to eliminate undesirable characteristics from the population. Many state laws required mentally ill to be sterilized Psychoanalytic TheoryHuman behavior determined by unconscious forces. Psychopathology results from conflicts among these unconscious forces. IdUnconscious, pleasure principle (Immediate gratification) EgoPrimarily conscious, reality principle (Attempt to satisfy ID’s demands within reality’s constraints SuperegoThe conscience, develops as we incorporate parental and society values Defense MechanismsStrategies develops by the ego to control...
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