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Internal Control and Accounting Systems (ICAS)
Disclaimer Study Support materials comprise non live assessments that were created for the 2003/2006 standards and do not resemble assessments designed for the AAT Accountancy Qualification (launched July 2010). There are some topic similarities between the 2003/2006 standards and the AAT Accounting Qualification (launched July 2010).

Practice assessments, guidance and standards for the AAT Accountancy Qualification (launched July 2010) can be found on the AAT website.

The Association of Accounting Technicians


• Simulation D1922 Case Study
Unit 10 Managing Systems and People in the Accounting Environment (MSP) 2003/2006 standards, expired 01/11/09

• Guidance for Case Study D1922
Unit 10 Managing Systems and People in the Accounting Environment (MSP) 2003/2006 standards, expired 01/11/09

• Accounting Technician Magazine articles:
Unit 10: how to structure your report Unit 10: where to begin…

Simulation D1922 Case Study
Unit 10 Managing Systems and People in the Accounting Environment (MSP) Source: 2003/2006 standards simulation D1922, expired 01/11/09 AAT Level 4 Technician Pathway/Diploma Pathway (2003/2006 standards)

Candidate’s briefing for a project report based upon this case study Candidates who do not have the opportunity to undertake some form of work-based project are able to provide evidence of competence in this unit by writing a similar project report, but based on the material in this case study. The total length of the report should be between 3,000–4,000 words (excluding appendices). Specifically candidates should write a report, which demonstrates their underpinning knowledge and understanding of: The Business environment • External regulations affecting accounting practices (10.2) • Common types of fraud (10.2) • The implications of fraud (10.2)

Management techniques • Methods of work planning and scheduling (10.1) • Personal time management techniques (10.1) • Methods of measuring cost-effectiveness (10.2) • Methods of fraud detection within accounting systems (10.2) • Techniques for influencing and negotiating with decision makers and resource holders (10.2)

Management principles and theory • Principles of supervision and delegation (10.1) • Principles of creating effective inter-personal relationships, team building and staff motivation (10.1)

The organisation • The impact on an accounting system of organisational structure, Management Information Systems, administrative systems and procedures and the nature of its business transactions (10.1, 10.2) • The organisation’s business and its relationships with external stakeholders (10.1, 10.2) • The purpose, structure and organisation of the accounting system and its inter-relation with other internal functions (10.2) • The control of resources by individuals within the organisation (10.1) This can be demonstrated by writing a project report of between 3,000–4,000 words, addressed to Robert Allison, the Finance Director, which covers the following. • The co-ordination of work activities within PPL’s accounting environment

The candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to plan and co-ordinate the accounts department’s work activities effectively, including setting and monitoring realistic objectives, targets and deadlines and managing people so that these can be met. In addition the candidate needs to show that he/she can develop contingency plans to deal with a range of problems that may detract from the organisation meeting these objectives, targets and deadlines. • Identification of opportunities to improve the effectiveness of PPL’s accounting system

The candidate must demonstrate his/her ability to identify weaknesses in the accounting system, and make recommendations to rectify these; to consider the impact that these would have on the organisation; to update the system to comply, for example, with legislative changes; and to...
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