3d Glasses Essay

Topics: Polarization, 3-D film, Stereoscopy Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Informative Speech
November 15, 2011
CMM 101 E
General Purpose: to inform

Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my audience of two methods used for 3-D viewing. (concept)

CT: There are two different methods used for 3-D viewing: anaglyphs and polarization. (chronological)

(When I was a little girl about 4 years old I had a toy that allowed me to see images in 3-D. The toy was red and looked a lot like a pair of binoculars. I could put different white circular cut outs in, each with a different set of pictures. If I clicked a little orange lever the picture would change.) (Marshal Brain, founder of howstuffworks.com, which won him 4 awards including Yahoo's best science and technology resource in 2004, explains how the toy I am describing and binocular vision works. The toy is called a view master or stereoscopic viewer. The view master imitates how our eyes already work, by using binocular vision. Our eyes are about 2 ½ inches apart giving them slightly different views at the same time allowing for depth perception.) (“People only see what they are prepared to see.” , said classic American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.) Our brains and eyes are prepared to see life in 3 dimensions and pictures in 2 dimensions. We are unable to create a sense of depth perception for TV. and movies because both of our eyes are taking in the same image. (I went to see Lion King in 3-D with some friends. Katie had never seen a 3-D movie before. During the movie I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. I realized it was Katie raising her hand in front of her to touch the images. I laughed and she smiled back at me with a quick shrug of her shoulders. ) I had never really thought about how the producers created a 3-D effect before. ( Director James Cameron, the first director to produce two movies grossing over $ 1 billion announced, “Every cinema will be capable of showing 3D movies in the next five years.” While 3D may not yet be this exclusive,...
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