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Threats For Acer

This case traces the history of Acer as it builds a multinational from its home base in Taiwan. It explores the difficulties faced by an Asian company in expanding internationally and how Acer has overcome these with innovative strategies. The inherent tension between achieving global scale economies and large responsiveness is also explored. In the early 80’s the SWOT analysis on Acer Company was as follow: Strengths: - Leader on the national market - Low cost structure - Visionary and charismatic...

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Acer Case

Acer. Inc | Taiwan’s Rampaging Dragon | 9/26/2012 | How would you account for Acer’s outstanding start-up? What caused this company to outpace scores of other Taiwanese PC companies? Acer is a company that was founded by Shih, his wife and a couple of other people. It was founded in the 1976 and the electronic market at that time was still small. This time cellphones where not yet even invented so the market was pretty good for a starter. This is I believe one of the...

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Acer Group

The Acer Group Acer global mission statement “fresh technology enjoyed by everyone, everywhere”. The Acer group allied with other companies is globally one of the largest Manufacturers for PC, computer parts. Mobile computers, network server components etc... Starting in Taiwan, Acer was the market leader in thirteen countries around the world and ranked top five in thirty countries globally. With more than 120 enterprises in 44 countries, supporting dealers and distributers over 100 countries...

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Acer Weaknesses

Acer closes in on Dell's No. 2 PC ranking By Bruce Einhorn, BusinessWeek Tuesday, January 20, 2009 11:33 AM Just a few years ago there was a clear pecking order in the PC industry, with Dell at the front and Acer way back in the queue. Dell and its U.S. rival Hewlett-Packard were the clear champions, selling far more desktops and laptops than anyone else. Meanwhile, little Acer, a Taiwanese company that had tried and failed in the 1990s to crack the U.S. market, was an also-ran, with worldwide...

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Acer - 1

is global but it has to act local by taking care of the people who buy and sell the product. With this in mind, someone who thinks globally is still a product of his or her own culture. Stan Shih’s Strategy for China was that it is crucial for Acer to develop a strong brand image in China before moving on to other countries. Work with Markets that share the same characteristics is better than moving your product to a different region that does not share the same culture, customer behavior and...

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Acer Case

CHAPTER 1 • INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL MARKETING 33 CASE 1-3 Acer Inc. A ISBN 1-256-69396-0 cer Inc. is a leading marketer of notebook and desktop PCs. The company, which posted sales of $21.3 billion in 2010, also produces other products such as the new Iconia tablet. As Taiwan gained a reputation as the “tech workshop of the world,” Acer became Taiwan’s number-one exporter. Stan Shih, the company’s founder, built Acer into one of Taiwan’s most successful companies. Despite Acer’s success...

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Acer, Inc: Taiwan’s Rampaging Dragon

Acer, Inc: Taiwan’s Rampaging Dragon Michelle L Danielle Humphreys Lizbeth Esi 2) Executive summary Acer, Inc, is a Taiwanese personal computer (pc) company, originally known as Multitech, was founded in Taiwan in 1976, by Stan Shih, his wife and three friends. Under the guidance of the CEO Shih, a strong norm of frugality, nobility, evidenced by his many slogans, employee involvement and ownership, an anti-classic Chinese entrepreneur’s tight personal control, and joint ventures led...

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Threat of Entry

Clubs of America, Communities in Schools, Dollars for Schools, DonorsChoose.Org, DoSomething.org, Genesysworks, GoNorth!, GRAMMY Foundation, j. k. livin foundation, KI PP , MercyCorps, MOUSE, NC L R, National Urban L eague, NY L C, P ACER Center¶s Teens against Bullying, P roject Girl,RACE- are we so different, Room to Read, Scholarship America, Search Institute and variousothers (Best Buy P artners, 2011). Technological The company is highly equipped with the latest gadgets and...

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Acer Background essay

Background Founded in 1976, Acer ranks among the world's top five branded PC vendors. In 2000, Acer spun-off its manufacturing operation to focus its resources on developing technologically advanced, user-friendly solutions. The decision to support the sales of its product lines through specific marketing activities that best utilise distribution channels, has allowed Acer to achieve excellent results worldwide. Overcoming the barriers between people and technology: This is Acer’s long-term...

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Acer Case Study

 Case Study 1: Acer Dr. Linda Harris International Marketing April 28, 2013 1. Acer’s Strategy has been described as “divided and conquer.” Compare and contrast this to Lenovo’s strategy. Acer Computer Company was founded in Taiwan in 1976. Acer is known to be one of the leading exporter and the world’s seventh-largest personal computer brand. Lenovo Computer Company came into business around 2004. Both Acer and Lenovo are leaders in the computer industry of personal...

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