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Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, Masterpieces concert with music director Fouad Fakhouri performing Igor Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms and Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No.1 in D major. There was a full stage of musicians and a complete choir to back it up. The first half of the performance was a complete orchestra of woodwinds, strings, drums, brass, excreta and a four part choir. Overall the performance took no longer than thirty minutes to play the three-part Symphony of Psalms. This Symphony was much...

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Symphony Fantastique

Symphonie Fantastique is a symphony written by French composer Hector Berlioz in 1830. It is quite possibly one of the most important and representative pieces of the Romantic period, and is still very popular to this day. The first performance took place at the Paris Conservatoire in December 1830. In many aspects Symphonie Fantastique and J.M.W. Turner’s “Slave Ship” are very similar. Romanticism was a movement during the mid to late 1700’s in Europe; this was around the time of the Industrial...

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Beethoven's Ninth Symphony

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is arguably one of his greatest and most popular symphonies. As Beethoven’s last symphony, the Ninth contains many great musical ideas that takes the symphony to new levels while ensuring that its structure meets the traditional expectations of the symphony. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony represents the culmination of the Viennese Classical tradition through its increased emphasis on musical space, alteration in the ordering of the scherzo and slow movement, and the presence...

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Toronto Symphony Orchestra

3rd the Toronto Symphony Orchestra preformed at the Roy Thompson Hall. This concert highlighted the brass section in the orchestra and even included the world famous tuba soloist, Øystein Baadsvik from Norway. He is the only tuba virtuoso to make a career out of being a tuba soloist. The conductor for this performance was Sameer Patel, who is known as one of America’s best young conductors. Sameer Patel is newly appointed the position of assistant conductor for the San Diego Symphony and has had previous...

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Symphony Of Soul Essay Sample

Symphony of the Soul, Rise up, Speak up, Stand up The annual Symphony of Soul featuring the Marcus Roberts Trio was in addition a community event celebrating, Ellington Academy Students, Grand Rapids String Academy, and Mosaic Scholars. Grand Rapids Symphony of Soul is a creative interwind of Jazz and Classical, a toe tapping, freedom of celebrating diverse souls. The theme of freedom rang throughout the concert music beginning with all voices singing, “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing.” James Weldon...

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Discuss Berlioz's Contribution to the Symphony

Discuss Berlioz’s contribution to the symphony Berlioz is often overlooked as an influential composer; however the reality is that he was one of the most important due to his developing ideas of how orchestration could be expanded, how symphonic form could be developed and how music would be written in a programmatic style. Above all this, Berlioz was one of the pioneers of the Romantic period, inspiring through his innovation of ideas such as the ‘idée fix’ and as some saw it, his disregard for...

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Implications of the Classical Symphony

verbosity of the Baroque era, the Classical period combined the elements of order and grace to achieve a more widespread method of entertainment and culture. Among these elements is the classical symphony, which was established by Joseph Haydn. Though many other genres existed at the time, it was the symphony that stood out and clearly represented the substance of the Classical period. The classical period can be best described as an evolutionary offshoot of the Baroque era. Whereas the Baroque era...

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Essay On Beethoven Fifth Symphony

Beethoven symphony No.6 in F major, Op.68, also called “Pastoral Symphony”, is one of only two symphonies that composer intentionally named. Just like the title, it is a fabulous masterpiece which describes a picture of nature and people’s feeling towards the life in the countryside which fill with peace, hope, and love. Beethoven wrote in his sketchbook “recollections of country life...more an expression of feeling than of painting”.If people describe his Fifth symphony is dark or driven, Sixth...

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Mahler Symphony 8 Analysis

an early age. Mahler composed and ten symphonies, but only nine completed. His tenth and final piece was still in the formative stages during the season of betrayal from his wife. According to Colin Matthews, The Tenth was composed at an especially fraught time for Mahler, with his marriage in crisis Alma was having an affair with the architect Walter Gropius and with the intensive preparations for the first performance of his Eighth Symphony (in September 1910) also preoccupying him...

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Symphony No. 9 by Antonin Dvorak

Symphony No. 9 by Antonin Dvorak Review Paper Symphony No. 9 starts out very quiet and gradually gets louder at the begining. As the piece progresses you can hear horns, violas, and cello and a very long crescendo occurs. Midway through the piece we receive our first surprise and can hear drumbeats, flutes and oboes as well as some clarinets. As the piece moves into a G major scale we see a long crescendo as we transition into the secondary theme of the piece. Later through the piece we can hear...

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