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Steps Of Federal Government To Discourage Texting While Driving

 Ban on Texting Thesis: Texting while driving is a hazard to everyone who drives on the road, a ban on texting while driving will prevent this hazard and save peoples lives. I. Intro a. Give brief overview of the history of texting b. Discuss the problems of texting while driving c. Thesis State -make texting while driving illegal II. Body a. Discuss all of the places where texting while driving is illegal and how it has helped b. Discuss how it has been advertised to stop...

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The dangers of texting while driving

Automobile crashes as a result of texting while driving is an outbreak that has taken the nation by storm over the past decade. Whether people think they can safely type on their phone while driving, or just don’t think there is any real danger in the act does not matter. Texting while driving must be stopped. To do this government must take action to both add uniformity to the laws and punishments bestowed on the offenders. But, it is also vital that the government provide ample educational programs...

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Texting While Driving

Texting While Driving by Liz Coram How many people text behind the wheel of their vehicle? Can we relate to the following story? Jaci Lemons* is driving down the street, headed to school. The 17 year old driver is texting another friend. As she looks down to read the incoming text, Jaci veers off to the right and crashes head-on into the back of a parked vehicle. She is taken to the hospital, but after brief examination by the attending ER doctor, Jaci is released. Thankfully, the only thing...

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Texting While Driving: Is It Worth Dying?

Texting While Driving: Is it worth Dying? SP: After listening to my speech, I want my audience to be influenced by the dangers of Texting while driving. CP: By the end of my speech, I am going to tell you about the disadvantages and the risk factors Texting while Driving entails. [Let me begin by showing a few photographs and I will proceed with a few questions.] I.Attention Can anyone identify what these teenagers have in common? They may all look alike, healthy, pretty we can say...

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Texting While Driving Laws

TEXTING WHILE DRIVING LAWS Jessica Daniels DeVry University TEXTING WHILE DRIVING LAWS SECTIONS III, IV, AND V Imagine a person driving in a car down the road and all of the sudden the car coming the other direction swerves and hits a person head on. The victim of the crash probably thinks the other driver was intoxicated in some way, but that person was texting while driving. This shows that sometimes people drive as badly when they are texting while driving as when...

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Texting While Driving: A Deadly Dilemma

 Makeda Reid Professor Taylor MLA Research 2150 17 November 2011 Texting While Driving: A Deadly Dilemma When Gary Golatas climbed into the passenger seat of Allyson P. Smitter’s sports car on the morning of July 4, 2011, he had no idea that she would be taking him for his last ride. According to an article in the Terlingua Daily Express, Golatas, 17, and Smitter, 18, had planned a holiday excursion to festivities in nearby Appaloosa County. Six months later, it was no holiday when a...

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Texting While Driving

Stephen Hayes 12-3-14 English Comp I Mrs. Daniels Texting While Driving is Dangerous A split second is all it takes to send a text. A split second is all it takes to end a life. Most of us don’t think of the dangers that can occur when sending a text while driving. Imagine a sixteen year old teenager, driving on the roads; all of a sudden the teen receives a text from a friend. A split second later, an accident occurs; the teen that couldn’t wait to send a text has just slammed into the back of...

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Dangers of Texting While Driving

 English Comp I 13 September 2013 Dangers of Texting While Driving Technology has become a large part of our society. Mobile phones have become a staple to millions of people throughout the world, but with this technology comes a lack of responsibility that can cause harm to others. Texting has become a popular form of communication in the fast paced society we live in today. Texting and driving has become a growing epidemic. Statistics continue to prove how dangerous it is and why people...

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Texting and Driving Research Paper

No State Left Behind: Laws Against Distracted Driving In Idaho and as a Nation The majority of the people in the world don’t intentionally put themselves in dangerous situations, yet tragedies occur every day. Each year a motorcycle hill climbing competition is held in New Plymouth, Idaho called the Big Nasty Hill Climb. On September 19, 2009 my sister’s best friend Lacy Fine set out for a day of fun with her cousin Brittani and her cousin’s boyfriend Carlos to watch the hyped up event. She’s never...

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Texting While Driving

Mrs. Mann English 4 21 April 2010 Texting while driving is NOT worth the risk The number one source of driver inattention is use of a cell phone. Drivers that text or talk on cell phones while driving are four times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). My first and only wreck so far, since I receiving my license a year ago, was caused because of texting while driving. Luckily I wasn’t going very fast, so no one...

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