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Essay On The Salem Witch Trial

accused were innocent. Even the defendants of the accused were punished, if the accused were proven guilty. One of the crimes that were taken really seriously was Witchcraft, which was punished by death. A lot of innocent women died during those year in Salem. The punishments for crime in colonial times were not fair. The death penalty was one of the main ways a person was punished. The first person executed for murder was John Billington. He had shot and killed a man during a quarrel. After the incident...

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The Social Psychology of the Salem Witch Trials

Amanda Whitsett Robison History 1301 November 17, 2010 The Social Psychology of the Salem Witch Trials The events that took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 have had historians scrutinizing over the causes for years. There have been several theories about how the situation became so out of control. The haunting story is well known in America, taught to our youth and has been the focus of numerous forms of media. We are familiar with the story but unfamiliar with the origin of its...

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False Trials: The Salem Witch Trials

Throughout history there have been thousands of “false” trials. These trials were based around false accusations. The trials most notable for accusations without the clearest of evidence was the Salem witch trials, hundreds were killed for being suspicious and never indicating that they were actual witches. Everyone who died in Salem and everyone who is serving or served an undeserved sentence have or at least had families, career opportunities, a career, in short a life. All of these get ripped...

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Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Hysteria The harsh cold winters in Salem, Massachusetts brought inevitable boredom; especially for teens. Present day winters are filled with cuddling up to the television or playing video games, but finding something interesting to do in Salem winters was more than difficult; the year 1692 changed all of that. The Salem Witch Hysteria brought sheer terror through out the town as well as surrounding towns. Men and women were being accused of being witches and wizards based on spectral...

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The Influence of Religion on the Salem Witch Trials

Influence of Religion on the Salem Witch Trials             It is easier to find the Devil in your neighbor than to admit to your own guilt. With the help of religious intensity it is easier to see them hanged as well. In 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts this religious intensity does just that. The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller, portraits the grim events that are happening in this little town of Salem and demonstrates just how easily things can get out of hand. The people of Salem are Puritan, and their...

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The Falsely Accused: The Salem Witch Trial

wolves. As with all witch-hunts…” "Beatdom #11: The Nature Issue." Goodreads. N.p., n.d. Web”. The Salem witch trials brought about hostility within a community causing unwarranted chaos and corruption in the small town of Salem Mass. Furthermore, these events lead to witch trials becoming a problem in Salem. The Salem witch trials had started with a domino effect of trials such as, “The infamous Salem witch trials began during the spring of 1692, after a group of young girls in Salem Village, Massachusetts...

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Essay On The Salem Witch Trials Dbq

The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 is one of the most well-known historical events. In 1692, 20 people were hanged for being a so-called “witch.” Most accusations were made by six girls, which included Betty Parris, Abigail Williams, and Ann Putnam Jr.. Witches were people whose bodies had supposedly been taken over by The Devil. But what really caused the Salem Witch Trials hysteria? The three reasons that caused the mass hysteria were how certain people, ages, genders, and marital statuses were targeted...

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Hysteria and Fear of the Salem Witch Trials

English 1302.040 Research Paper: Hysteria and Fear during the Salem Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials was a mass hysteria of executions and accusations. The fear was caused by the hysteria of women being bewitched and bewitching others. This is such a controversial event, and it’s hardly applicable to prove if the events leading to the Witch Trials were accurate. So I ask, “What were the causes of the Salem Witch Trials, and the events leading up to the causes?” Although the question is...

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Salem Witch Trials

Toney Mrs. Lowry English 3 HN 18 March 2014 In my depiction, the events of the Salem Witch Trials were most responsible by Abigail Williams. In Arthur Miller’s play, Abigail demonstrated her malevolent ways by showing her lustful and violent characteristics, along with her personal vendetta against Elizabeth Proctor. These character flaws, in my opinion, were the driving force that started the events in Salem, Massachusetts. Her hatred for Elizabeth, and wanting her dead, was the reasoning behind...

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Salem Witch Trials and Account

Salem Witch Trial: Hangings Michelle Woodring Mr. Yates American Literature 1 May 2010 Salem Witch Trial: Hangings Theses— There were many casualties of the Salem Witch Trials and there are still many mysteries today. * Salem History and Background * Witch Craft Starting * Symptoms of Witch Craft * People Accused of Witch Craft * Trials * Hangings * End of the Witch Hunt Michelle Woodring Mr. Yates American Literature 1 May 2010 Salem Witch Trials:...

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